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BikeYoke Sagma Saddle Adds Floating Carbon & Regular Lite Rails, Plus Raw Barkeeper Stem

BikeYoke Sagma Carbon suspension and Sagma Lite conventional rail saddle options
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BikeYoke’s unique floating rail Sagma saddle adds a lightweight carbon-railed version, plus a couple of even lighter conventional-railed Sagma Lite saddles that share the same shell & memory foam construction with either carbon or chromoly rails. Plus, their recent alloy Barkeeper mountain bike stem gets a unique new Raw Forged Finish and new 31.8mm bar compatibility…

BikeYoke Sagma saddle gets Carbon rails

BikeYoke Sagma Carbon floating suspension saddle, enduro bike

The uniquely adjustable suspension design of the original BikeYoke Sagma saddle has proven to dampen vibration, add a bit of flex in a good side-to-side direction, and boost rider comfort overall. But people are always looking for a lighter setup too, so BikeYoke first added a carbon-railed version to the original I-beam alloy rails.

Tech Details

BikeYoke Sagma Carbon floating suspension saddle, underside of carbon-reinforced she;ll;

The newer Sagma Carbon saddle shares the same lightweight construction as the original, just with new 7x10mm oval carbon rails. That’s a millimeter taller than most carbon-railed saddles, but we’ve had no compatibility issues installing it in several carbon-friendly seatpost heads.

BikeYoke Sagma Carbon floating suspension saddle, side profile colors

The saddle shell is molded from carbon-reinforced nylon, topped by a progressively compressing & slow-rebounding IDbeads memory foam top with a slightly recessed central pressure relief area. The padding is relatively thin, but an interesting mix of feeling both soft & being supportive. The 243mm long saddles come in two widths – 130mm & 142mm – and are available with five different colored top accents to match BikeYoke’s Grippy mountain bike grips – orange, cyan blue, lime green, pink & ruby purple.

BikeYoke Sagma Carbon floating suspension saddle, orange top

The new 169€ Sagma Carbon we’ve tested weighs 210g, compared to 225g for the alloy-railed 139€ original Sagma (both 142mm wide). All of the floating rail Sagma suspension saddles come preset with two Regular hardness elastomers, but include one Soft & one Hard shock-absorbing elastomer so you can fine-tune how you prefer the ride.

BikeYoke Sagma Lite conventional rail saddles

BikeYoke Sagma Lite lightweight, damped conventional rail saddles

Beyond simply getting lighter, a number of cyclists really like the fit & feel of the supportive padded tops, but didn’t really want or need the full rocking flexibility of the Sagma’s suspension design, so BikeYoke created some Sagma Lite saddles with conventional rails. Of course, the side benefit of returning to more conventional construction is that the Sagma Lite saddles are also lighter, too.

Lite Tech Details

BikeYoke Sagma Carbon suspension and Sagma Lite conventional rail saddles, carbon-reinforced shell construction

Construction-wise the Sagma Lite saddles are built almost exactly like the floating Sagmas, just in simplified black only. They feature the same durable polyurethane cover over the slow-rebound idbeads foam padding and the same carbon-reinforced nylon shell. They just swap in a one-piece rail structure glued in for lightweight simplicity.

BikeYoke Sagma Carbon suspension and Sagma Lite conventional rail saddles, underside

The new 139€ Sagma Lite Carbon we’ve tested weighs just 170g with 7x9mm oval carbon rails. The new 89€ Sagma Lite gets 7mm round chromoly rails, weighing 222g (both 142mm wide). That makes both Sigma Lites competitively lightweight, and pretty affordable, while still offering a lot of comfort thanks to the unique padding.

BikeYoke Barkeeper 1-piece MTB stem goes Raw & 31.8

BikeYoke Barkeeper RAFF Raw Forged Finish 1-piece alloy MTB stem, now 31.8mm compatible
Barkeeper images c. BikeYoke

The simple, light & stiff BikeYoke Barkeeper stem also gets a new version, although this is simply a cool new RAFF look. Now offered in a Raw Forged Finish, the Barkeeper isn’t entirely “raw” but instead gets a smooth surface treatment and clear anodized finish that shows the “individual print” that comes from each forging, while also highlighting those surfaces that get post-process CNC-machining.

BikeYoke Barkeeper RAFF Raw Forged Finish 1-piece alloy MTB stem, now 31.8mm compatible in black or Raw-ish silver

The updated Barkeeper comes in 35, 45 & 55mm lengths and with the option of regular steel or lighter titanium bolts (weight claims of 86g/80g, 96g/90g & 112g/106g, respectively).

BikeYoke Barkeeper RAFF Raw Forged Finish 1-piece alloy MTB stem, silver speckled sizes

The speckled silver RAFF Barkeepers sell for the same 89€ with steel bolts or 114€ with ti bolts.

BikeYoke Barkeeper RAFF Raw Forged Finish 1-piece alloy MTB stem, now 31.8mm compatible

BikeYoke has also added a new 13€ set of black ano reducer sleeves that lets you run either the original black or the new Raw 35mm Barkeeper with your current 31.8mm handlebar.

You can also add a lightweight Topper 1-piece topcap & steerer bolt, or the 8g Aimy locking alignment steerer spacer for another 16€ to complete your BikeYoke cockpit setup.


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1 year ago

Should have named it the LIGMA saddle…

Will Ferrule
Will Ferrule
1 year ago

One of my 10 bikes has the old (so-called Buffalo hide) Selle Italia Turbo saddle. It’s only slightly less comfortable than the most comfortable modern saddle — which shows to go ya that it’s really hard to move the needle much on saddle comfort. What is a constant is that the shape of saddles will continue to change, but not necessarily for the better. Short and wide are trending now, with the operative word being “trend.” Eventually, long and narrow will return. Just sayin’.

1 year ago
Reply to  Will Ferrule

WTF man long and narrow is plain bad. And i’m a small guy with quite narrow sit bones. Those saddle that protrude at centerline are horrendous.
Sure you can get away with it if you are super lightweight, pedal hard, don’t spend too much time on the bike and have a not too low cockpit but it was just bad. I have many bike including vintage one with period correct saddle and i’m never happy to go back to these.
What’s true is that some saddle have been good for a long time. SMP for example is a very fine design. Also vintage saddle with classic look can be fine when used correctly like fizik aliante but position can’t be too low and you have to absolutely put your weight at the back of it for comfort to work.

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