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Biknd Helium Inflatable Bicycle Case

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biknd-helium-inflatable-bicycle-travel-case3The airlines’ bicycle transportation prices are inflated, so why not the case, too?

Biknd’s new Helium inflatable bicycle transport case uses a five-section soft-sided case to provide full protection at about 2/3 the weight (19.8lbs versus 29+ lbs) of a traditional hardshell case.  This lets you pack a few more accessories without going over airline weight limits and incurring even more charges.

Fully opened, the Helium puts your bike in the center, locking the fork to a rigid base and mount, with space for two sets of wheels on either side.  The inflatable air pockets fold between the frame and wheels to provide full protection on both sides of the frame.  The wheels are strapped in tight, and the hubs have hard plastic shells to protect them and provide a base to press against the air packs.

On the outside, another hard plastic shell section lines up with the hubs and is mounted to the 900 denier ballistic nylon and 1200 denier polyester outer fabrics.  Behind that is a layer of EPA foam, and the whole thing is lined with tough, easy to clean 900 denier tarpauline fabric.

Pricing, photos and specs behind the break…


The front section is a hard plastic to protect the nose of your bike and helps hold the bag’s shape when folded and zipped shut.  Biknd says the Helium will hold up to a 64cm road bike or full size dual suspension freeride mountain bike. It comes with foam sleeves for your stem, fork legs and bottom bracket section, plus an axle for the rear dropouts to keep the rear end from getting crushed or bent.

biknd-helium-inflatable-bicycle-travel-case1Close it up and pump up the chambers and you’re ready to roll, er, fly.  The case glides along on four caster wheels.


The Helium retails for US $599 and is available in the U.S. and Canada. International sales are in the works…they’re looking for distributors.

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13 years ago

Very (very) intelligent way to carry the bike ! I am currently in the United States and travelled over with my bike… that big poly-something travel case. I would immediately purchase one of these

13 years ago

We sold out our first shipment within days…
I personally sold off my hardcase & adopted one.
The 2 wheelset option is a bonus (especially for triathletes travelling to races)
They are a bit heavier than advertised (what!)… Our inventory came in at 24+lbs…but still 7lbs lighter than our hard cases.
Even had a couple customers already report that they were not charged for their cases during travel (sub 50lbs, & stealth)
Of course, your results may vary!

13 years ago

One of the most fantastic new products I have seen in years, I love this case.

13 years ago

Where do the handlebars go?

12 years ago

“Where do the handlebars go?”

Over the fork.

11 years ago

this case is fantastic! i bought a new trek before moving from florida to singapore. i packed the bike and infated the bags 3 days prior to flying. i checked every day and it stayed inflated.

now the bad news…once i landed and went to baggage claim to retrieve my bike, i found the bags TOTALLY deflated!!!! there were also 2 TSA stickers on the side. i can only assume, and with great certainty, that our FREAKIN’ IDIOTS at TSA deflated my bags, so they could look inside, and did not bother to fill the airbags back up! needless to say, there is extensive damage to my bike!

Alex Kanakis
Alex Kanakis
10 years ago

I second Andy’s comments. Airport security in most airports will likely deflate the bladders of this otherwise great idea for a bicycle case. My Cervelo R5 now has several dings and scratches, but luckily no major damage. Wish I would have spent a bit more the first time and gone with the SciCon Aerotech!

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