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Bontrager Shoes Clear Up Insole Misconception

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Based on the press release from e-Soles back in August 2008, we were under the impression that the ’09 Bontrager shoes came with a selection of e-Sole insoles based on feedback from a footbed analysis kiosk.  According to Natascha at Bontrager, we weren’t the only ones a little confused.

The reality is, Bontrager and e-Soles used input from 20,000 foot scans to develop a custom footbed that will work for 85% to 90% of riders, but purchasing the shoes does not include any additional or replacement footbed options.  If those don’t work for you, however, the shoes are designed to accommodate any orthotic or customizable insole you may have.

Since we’re on the subject, we went ahead and had Bontrager fill us in on some of the unique features of their new ’09 shoes.

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All Bontrager Inform shoes come with custom-designed eSoles.

One of the biggest differences from other shoes is the use of a Derby Cut tongue.  This is where the tongue of the shoe extends all the way to the toe.  This gives the toe box more adjustability and room to accommodate a wider range of foot sizes.  The upper materials are designed to breathe without stretching, so they won’t loosen over time.  This design makes them highly adjustable without getting stretched out of shape.

Both the Road and Mountain Bike RXL Inform shoes use an external heel cup.  This allows them to use more material than an internal cup would, which strengthens the rear of the shoe and helps keep it snug.  They used this to build in a vent, too, and they claim it provides better protection since it’s a harder surface.

Another feature is their Toe Spring last design, which basically shapes the foot so that their at the right angle for maximum comfort and power delivery.  In the picture above, it’s the downward slope to the curved part where the cleat would mount, and you can get a better idea of this from this video.

The buckle adjusts in millimeter increments for precise adjustments.  The Mountain and Road RXL Inform shoes retail for $229.99 and come with a 5-year manufacturer defects warranty.

They also make a Triathlon version called the RXL Hilo that uses the Inform fit technology. It retails for $169.99.

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