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Boyd’s road, gravel wheels get lighter w/ easier tire installs; rim brake holdouts get more stopping power

2022 boyd road and gravel wheels get a deeper channel to make tubeless tires easier to install
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Boyd Cycling has updated their road and gravel carbon rims to better fit modern tubeless tires and made them lighter in the process.

The new carbon rim profiles will be found on their top-level Podium series on the 36 and 55 road wheels and Pinnacle 700c gravel wheels. It’s more than just a new interior shape, though, it’s also a new manufacturing process that let them save a lot of rim weight, too.

And for anyone still riding rim brakes, they’ve improved their brake tracks to offer more stopping power and better wet-weather performance.

We talked to Boyd to get the scoop…

new rim profile for 2022 boyd carbon rims
Note the rounded center channel that’s now 8.9mm from top of rim, up from 8.5mm on prior models.

BIKERUMOR: What changed to make installs easier?

BOYD: We changed the dimensions of the center channel, making it deeper, and rounded off the profile. The center is 0.4mm deeper now, but the shape is more concave instead of angular, so the tire beads can slide up onto the shelf much easier. Combined, this makes it easier to mount and seat even the tightest tires.

BIKERUMOR: How did you drop weight?

BOYD: All of the weight savings is at the rim. It comes from new tooling, primarily, which allows for higher pressure during molding to get better compaction. Meaning, we’re squeezing more resin out, but also getting smoother interior walls. The better compaction also let us use less overall carbon fiber material, too.

Despite all that, the rims were actually made stronger and stiffer. They have better impact resistance now, and can still handle really high (for tubeless) tire pressures -up to 120psi- without any risk of blowoffs or having any tire limitations.

2022 boyd cycling textured carbon rim braking surface improves friction for better stopping power in wet and dry conditions

BIKERUMOR: What’s up with the new brake track?

BOYD: We started with our bead-blasted texturing process, which removes the top layer of clearcoat to reveal raw fibers. Because they’re a 3K weave, it has a texture, which provides a better braking surface with more friction and bite.

Now, we’ve added laser cut relief lines for even more friction, and these are less likely to smooth off over time, helping the rims maintain their braking power for longer while also improving overall stopping power.

They also improve wet weather braking performance because the water is wicked down into those chevrons. There’s more immediate braking power because you’re not waiting a couple of revolutions for the water to get pushed off.

2022 Boyd Podium Road & Gravel Wheels

2022 boyd podium 36 road disc brake aero wheelset

36 Road Disc Wheels

Their most popular carbon wheelset, the 36 Road Disc is a mid-depth road wheel with a hooked rim works with any tire model. The overall dimension stay the same with a 22mm internal width and 2.8mm offset rim bed to balance spoke tension. The new 36 Road Disc rims are 65g lighter, putting the wheelset at a claimed 1495g. MSRP is $1,750USD.

2022 boyd podium 55 road disc brake aero wheelset

55 Road Disc Wheels

Similarly, the 55mm deep version drops 35g off the rims to come in at 1670g. They have the same internal width, allowing for wide, modern tires to fit easily. MSRP is $1800USD.

2022 boyd pinnacle carbon disc brake gravel wheelset

Pinnacle 700c Gravel Disc Wheels

The Pinnacle 700c carbon gravel wheel is 24mm wide internally and, 36mm deep, giving it a decent mix of aerodynamics and compliance. Like the road wheels, it gets an offset rim bed for better spoke tension balance, but switches to a hookless bead wall for even easier tire mounting.

Designed for 32-42mm wide tires, you can go wider, but Boyd says these are their “race” wheels and offer the Jocassee for anyone wanting to put really big tires on their bike. The new Pinnacle drops 65g from the rims, claimed weight is 1480g for the set. MSRP is $1,700USD.

2022 boyd podium 44 road rim brake aero wheelset

44mm Carbon Clincher (Rim Brake)

The most popular wheel since the start of Boyd Cycling, the 44mm deep carbon clincher is the all ’rounder. Along with the new textured brake track, this rim also gets the revised rim bed and lighter weight, plus improved temperature ratings thanks to a new, higher temp resin. Boyd also says the new brake track means you don’t have to stay on the brakes for as long, so you’re not building up as much heat, either. Claimed wheelset weight is 1560g, MSRP is $1,700USD.

2022 boyd podium 60 road rim brake aero wheelset

60mm Carbon Clincher (Rim Brake)

Like the 44 and the tubeless wheels road and gravel wheels, Boyd’s 60mm deep clincher uses a stout 24/28 spoke count to create stronger, stiffer wheels. And like the 44, these get the new rim bed, lower weights (50g savings over prior model), and higher temp rating. Claimed wheelset weight is 1695g, MSRP is $1,750USD.


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