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World Championship winning CADEX Tri Frame & Aero wheels now available for purchase

CADEX Tri Frameset and Aero Wheels full system all together
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We’ve all seen the spy photos of the uniquely fast CADEX Triathlon rig under newly crowned World Champion Kristian Blummenfelt. Not only did he use a CADEX prototype frame and wheels to win the ironman world championship title, but he also used it to break the 7-hour Ironman barrier at the Pho3nix Sub7 event in Germany.

Sub7Sub8 Germany on 5th June 2022, during the Sub7Sub8 Event
Sub7Sub8 Germany on 5th June 2022, during the Sub7Sub8 Event — Photos courtesy of CADEX

CADEX was much closer to production-ready with the concept frame it appears, and they are prepared to offer to the speed-seeking world, along with a new hookless aero-wheelset designed for time trial, and triathlon use.

CADEX Tri Frameset all frame colors

For the frame, CADEX went all-in, no design deemed too far out or uninspired, and the more time that is ride could stay tucked in an aerodynamic position — the better.

Beyond conventional

The CADEX Tri frames boast a wide range of adjustability, and CADEX claims can easily dial in over 1,000 different fit configurations. This style of a fit-focused fit building allows triathletes of all heights and body dimensions to achieve a perfect fit and a comfortable, optimized position over long distances.

The CADEX Tri frame is crafted from high-grade T1000 carbon fiber and features class-leading pedaling and torsional stiffness with a total weight of just under 4577 grams.

CADEX Tri Frameset and Aero Wheels frame specs

The CADEX Tri Frameset provides 80mm of stack height adjustment and eight different positions. Spacers can be placed above or below the base bar, creating 40mm of height adjustment so the arm rests and extensions can be moved closer or further apart, depending on rider preference. Contact points like the cockpit are very personal to a rider, and CADEX seems to understand that lower does not always equal faster.

CADEX Tri Frameset and Aero Wheels cock pit close up

The arm extension can move forward and backward 90mm in 15mm increments, and the width can be set between 190mm and 310mm in 15mm increments (that’s seven positions total for anyone counting). Developed in partnership with Sync Ergonomics, the angle of the armrests can adjust and can be set to four different positions (0°, 5°, 10°, and 15°) with a quick adjustment using the provided angled wedges.

CADEX Tri Frameset and Aero Wheels wind tunnel testing

Let’s change the effective seat tube angle

If you want to get very personalized, you can adjust the effective seat tube angle by adjusting the saddle setback. When the saddle is pushed to the rear setting, the effective seat tube angle is 76°; in its forward most position, it’s 80°.

“Triathletes are constantly looking for ways to improve aerodynamics, pedaling efficiency, and comfort,” Blummenfelt said. “Over the course of 180km, small changes add up. Sometimes what feels or tests fast in the wind tunnel doesn’t work as well on the road. Making these adjustments quickly and easily is a game-changer when you’re trying to optimize your riding position and fit.”

Aero for the long haul

Being aero in a crit and being aero in a time trial is very different. The same can be said for riders racing a 40km or even 80km TT and the Ironman 180km bike leg. Like many others, CADEX is embracing the “real world fast,” going beyond the wind tunnel data and thinking about possible gains for real-world racers. It starts with how long you can stay in your preferred optimized aero position and put out quality power.

CADEX Tri Frameset and Aero Wheels iron man wolrds

A rider can put out great numbers all day, but problems can occur if the equipment is fighting them. The new CADEX Tri frameset is taking all the aero help it can acquire, starting from the bike’s profile and shape. Looking at the bike from the front, the fork stands out most — it’s pretty wild.

CADEX Tri Frameset and Aero Wheels seat atays
The large body of the frame holds all you need for repair, hydration, and fueling.

CADEX explains, “The wide-spread legs allow air to flow cleanly through and around the long, bladed legs, directing airflow past the rider’s moving legs toward the streamlined rear end of the bike. Extensive wind-tunnel testing showed that this design reduces airflow blockage at the front of the bike and minimizes the overall drag of the rider and bike.”

CADEX Tri Frameset and Aero Wheels front view

The fork is a small part of the overall system; the super-wide horizontal seat acts as a companion piece. The unique seat stays are angled upward and slightly forward from the rear wheel axis in an almost vertical path, then bend sharply toward the seat tube to form a horizontal line. This unique shape minimizes their contact surface as air passes freely through the bike’s rear end, reducing drag and boosting aerodynamic performance.

Race-ready fuel and flat integration

Carrying what you need for the 180k bike leg of an Ironman can be daunting, to say the very least — where to put it all. It seems that CADEX was thinking about this as well. The CADEX Tri frameset offers a complete solution fully integrated into the frame, away from the wind and out of your pockets.

CADEX Tri Frameset and Aero Wheels intigrasted storage
The frame boasts pockets for gels and bars, a case near the bottom bracket for a tube/flat kit, and a hose that stays near the mouth for when you need it.

The CADEX design team explains,” From the start of this project, race-ready storage was one of the key performance goals for the design team, and the result is one of the primary factors that set this bike apart from the competition.”

Designed to allow the rider to hydrate and refuel quickly and efficiently — all conveniently from the seated aero riding position. The unique chassis, a massive down tube with no top tube, includes a bento box, hydration system, and toolbox cleanly integrated into the frameset. The hydration system consists of a removable reservoir that sits inside the down tube. The rider can access the fluid via a straw that extends from the aero cover at the head tube, allowing the rider to hydrate on the go without removing their hands from the bars.

The removable bento box can hold up to 10 32ml gel packs (Size L frame), easily accessible while riding in an aero position. It’s accessible from the non-drive side and holds repair items, including a multi-tool, tire lever, and CO2 cartridge inflator. The frameset also includes an integrated toolbox located toward the bottom bracket area.

Travel and airport ready

The frameset comes with a purpose-built Topeak travel case that minimizes the amount of breakdown needed when traveling to races. The base bar and extensions fold into a compact size that load into the travel case without disassembling the parts.

CADEX Tri Frameset and Aero Wheels travel case

The travel case is a sturdy polycarbonate shell that provides high-impact strength and protection. It has wheels to make airport transport easier and complies with airline luggage restrictions. The case includes interior protection sleeves, a drivetrain cover, and a frameset mounting system to keep the frameset protected and secure inside the case. The mounting system can also be used as a mini work stand for those late-night hotel builds.

Geometry and sizing

CADEX Tri Frameset and Aero Wheels frame geo

The CADEX Tri-Frameset will be available in XXS – L with recommendations by height accomodating anywhere from 150cm to 190cm (4’9″ – 6’2″)

CADEX Tri Frameset pricing and availability

CADEX Tri Frameset: USD $7,340.00 EUR 6,999 €, GBP £6,499.99, AUD $8,999

Availability: For right now it looks like the frameset will be available in Europe and Australia markets and making its way to the US around 2023.

CADEX Aero Disc and Aero 4-Spoke wheel systems

Along with the new Tri frame, CADEX also unveiled the new Aero Disc and Aero 4-Spoke wheel systems for triathlon and time trial racing. The Aero Disc is for rear-wheel use, and the Aero 4-Spoke is available in both front and rear. The wheelset was engineered through wind-tunnel analysis, and real-world conditions, proven in real-world triathlons with a World Championship already under their belts. CADEX firmly states these are the fastest wheels they’ve ever created.

CADEX Tri Frameset and Aero Wheels front 4 spoke

Mannequin pedaling

The engineering team at CADEX utilized a dynamic pedaling mannequin and used it to perform aerodynamic tests at multiple yaw angles to analyze wind drag. They used the sum of their collected data to create rim shapes for both the Aero Disc and Aero 4-Spoke that perform best in common wind conditions.

CADEX Tri Frameset and Aero Wheels


The Aero 4-Spoke and Aero Disc wheels are constructed from 18k carbon material, described as both lightweight and very stiff. The new CADEX R3-C40 Aero Hub, features CADEX ceramic bearings, Low Friction hub technology, and a 40-tooth ratchet freehub. The updated hub and bearing combination shown through testing to reduce pedaling friction by 33 percent and coasting friction by 31.5 percent compared to the previous generation CADEX Aero WheelSystem.

CADEX Tri Frameset and Aero Wheels wolrd champ bike

The future is hookless and wide

Both the aero disc and Aero 4-Spoke feature a hookless bead and a wide 22.4mm inner rim width to boost overall wheel strength and create a rounder, more uniform tire shape. The wide hookless rim is the same concept as the other CADEX wheel systems, it helps increase sidewall support and a wider, shorter contact patch to minimize rolling resistance. Using a tubeless tire allows riders to run lower tire pressures resulting in better efficiency, more tire options than tubular and improved confidence in rough conditions.

Pricing and Availability

CADEX 4-Spoke DB Front Wheel
EUR 1,599.90 €
GBP £1,499.99
AUD $2,599
CADEX 4-Spoke DB Rear Wheel
EUR 1,799.90 €
GPB £1,699.99
AUD $2,899
CADEX Aero Disc DB Rear Wheel
EUR 2,299,90 €
GBP £2,199.99
AUD $3,999

Availability: For right now it looks like all wheels will be available in Europe and Australia markets and making their way to the US around 2023.

Learn more about the CADEX Tri Frameset at www.cadex-cycling/tri and the WheelSystem at www.cadex-cycling/aero

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Grundo Muntlebunny
Grundo Muntlebunny
1 year ago

I know light weight isn’t a major concern for TT riders, but damn, 10 lbs for the frameset?

1 year ago

If the frameset weight include everything listed you don’t need much more stuff to make it roll so i’d guess it’s fine for most flatish courses.

Matthew Lindsey
Matthew Lindsey
1 year ago

When I see a bike like this I wonder why the manufacturer didn’t just go one small step further and put in mounts for fenders. It just seems like they are turning their backs on a potential market segment. It wouldn’t be much trouble, they wouldn’t need to change the basic bike they made at all, just have some way to add fenders. I’m not trying to single out this bike or this manufacturer, I see it from most manufacturers.

1 year ago

I agree. And clearance for 29×2.4 gravel tires!

1 year ago
Reply to  Todd

Damn, time they opened this up for images. I wanted to post a photo of a Bigfoot Truck. Oh, lookee here, there was an image button after all…

1 year ago

190mm and 310mm in 15mm increments (that’s seven positions total for anyone counting)” – well, count I did, and I come up with 9…

1 year ago

The URLs at the end are missing the .com.

Kristi Benedict
1 year ago
Reply to  Mystarlite

Thank you Mystarlite, we’ve updated them.

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