Caffeine!!! New GU Cold Brew Coffee gel, 2x protein recovery; Tailwind Cola hydration

Forget hops or birthday cake, we want coffee! And now GU has delivered, with a new Cold Brew Coffee flavor energy gel that bumps the caffeine per serving to 70mg. That’s about double a normal gel, and it’s part of the Roctane family, which means added amino acids. Each gel provides 1,425mg of BCAAs, taurine & beta alanine; 125mg sodium; and other electrolytes, with 100 calories of carbs from maltodextrin and fructose.

new GU Roctane recovery drink mix with 20g whey protein per serving

GU has offered their Roctane Protein Recovery drink mix for years, but like so many others that have been on the market for a bit, they leaned toward a 3:1 or 4:1 carbs-to-protein ratio. Now that more science is showing that the actual ratio doesn’t matter quite as much as originally thought, at least for most athletes that aren’t competing or training at peak levels daily, they’ve listened to those of us wanting more protein per serving. The new formula (on sale now, packaging looks the same) bumps up to 20g protein per serving, up from 10g. Retail is $45 for the 15-serving bulk bag, or $35 for a 10-pack of single serving bags. All GU packaging is recyclable through Terra Cycle.

Tailwind Nutrition Cola hydration fuel

tailwind nutrition cola flavored sports drink for long distance endurance cyclists

Tailwind Nutrition has a new Cola flavor of their endurance fuel. It, too, adds caffeine, plus their electrolyte and carb mix that’s designed for longer distances when you need both hydration and fuel to power through the miles. As in, 50+ miles, without worrying about stomach upset.

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