So by now you’ve probably seen the new Bullet Ultra carbon/aluminum wheels, and the Bora Ultra full carbon wheels, so it is now time for Campy’s aluminum wheels to get some love, specifically, the Eurus and the Shamal Ultra. While both wheels already utilized Campagnolo’s G3 spoke design, both wheelsets will now use what Campy is coining Mega G3 Geometry. In order to set itself apart from the old G3, Mega G3 features a substantially larger rear driveside flange in order to increase overall wheel stiffness and responsiveness.

The Shamal Ultra will retain its carbon-aluminum hub body to keep the weight low, but the stiffness as high as possible, and will offer Campy’s excellent USB ceramic bearing set for the ultimate ride. Eurus on the other hand, will keep its aluminum hub shell for maximum stiffness and will be sold with steel ball bearings. While both wheels will be offered in clincher and Campy’s 2-Way Fit tubeless system, only the Shamal will be offered in tubular as well.

Check out the Black and White, and Dark Label colorways along with more specs after the break!


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steve m
steve m
10 years ago

Fulcrum wheels are far and away the best I have ever used. Bulletproof like their Campy cousins.

10 years ago

@ Steve m. That makes two of us. Fulcrum.