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Cancellara’s Team Saxo Bank Rejects ‘Mechanical Doping’ Accusations

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FROM THE TEAM: Team Saxo Bank rejects all insinuations and accusations that have been made in the media regarding Fabian Cancellara’s alleged use of an electric motor in his bike. Team Saxo Bank is strongly opposed to any form of cheating and there is absolutely no truth to this story. There was not and never has been a motor in any Team Saxo Bank rider’s bike.

In principle, Team Saxo Bank does not comment on rumors. However, with the irresponsible distribution of this story and related video, a myth has been developed that needs to be addressed. We will not participate in the furthering of this story and find the marketing platform now created for the engine manufacturer completely out of place and unwarranted. We are confident that the majority of those people who have come across this video see if for exactly what it is, A creative, amateur artist’s attempt to express a purely hypothetical idea that has not basis of fact or truth. It is a work of fiction, disguised as documentary.

We regret if this has led anyone to view Team Saxo Bank in a negative way and we are deeply offended by the questioning of Fabian Cancellara’s integrity, character and abilities. Fabian possesses incredible ability and talent and is a true professional. Fabian has provided Team Saxo Bank and cycling fans the world over with countless memorable victories and tremendous performances. Fabian’s victories in Ronde van Vlaanderen and Paris-Roubaix embody everything that is beautiful about our sport, strength, endurance, suffering, passion, drama and teamwork. Fabian’s victories are the result of dedication, hard work and sacrifice as well as his unique ability to rise to the occasion when striving to reach his goals. We are confident that the public can see through the nonsense this myth has presented and respect Fabian for what he is. A true Champion.

There will be no further Team comment on this situation as we feel the insinuations do not warrant further time or energy.

Editor’s note: Yes, we covered this by showing the video, so we’re as guilty as anyone else for lending any credibility to this nonsense, but seriously, does anyone really believe he (or any other pro for that matter) put a freakin’ motor in their bicycle? If you’ve happened to download the Sufferfest: Fight Club trainer video, you’ll be witness again and again to Cancellara’s motoring (oops, poor word choice, I suppose) cadence of 120+ at insane efforts. It’s easy to dismiss such wondrous things as having a man behind the curtain, but sometimes it’s nice to just believe that hard work, commitment and some fortunate genetics can give people the ability to do what few others can.

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13 years ago

Don’t they weigh these bikes to make sure they aren’t below the minimum weight? Seems like a bike that was 10 or 15 pounds over the minimum weight would throw up some red flags.

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