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Cannondale Duchess Women’s Cruiser Bicycle Concept

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Cannondale has leaked some concept photos of their Duchess women’s cruiser bicycle, and it’s got some nifty features.

Check out the massive diameter of the “bottom bracket.”  I guess their BB90 just wasn’t big enough…they must be expecting some mom-zillas to be cranking this thing up some major hills.  BikeBiz reports that the Cannondale Dutchess is a result of the final year graduation project of Wytze van Mansum, from the Delft University of Technology.

Using a unique swooping toptube-cum-chainstay that integrates the rear fender as a structural element and has a nifty LED rear light smoothly finished into the curved tubes.  Hit ‘more’ for additional photos…


The integrated rear rack relies on the structural rear fender to support up to 50kg.


The drivetrain is fully enclosed.


The hub brakes are actuated via typical looking brake levers, however all brake lines are run through the frame to maintain a super-clean appearance.  The brakes are self-adjusting to compensate for pad wear, and you can fold the levers into the frame to use the brakes as wheel locks.


Cannondale says the weight of the complete bike would be under 14kg (30.8 lbs), and this prototype, while being rideable, is said to be a design study “used to prove certain design and technology elements that may feature on future Cannondale urban bicycles.”

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14 years ago

Gorgeous “concept-bike” !
I wonder how the bracket actually works ? Anyway, isn’t it the first asymetrical bottom bracket? 😉
Nice job!

Tyler Benedict
14 years ago
Reply to  Yannig

I know…we’re wondering, too! I’ve got two calls in to different people at Cannondale, hoping to get some info soon and post.

Too jaded
14 years ago

Designer 1: “Like my new concept bike?”
Designer 2: “Ummm, its a ladies’ roadster – not exactly new.”
Designer 1: “Oh. *sigh*.”
Designer 2: “Here, Let me help.” (Scribbles a bit). “There. I’ve bobbed the back fender for no apparent reason, removed the seat stays to make it more of a challenge for the engineers and thrown in a hoopedy bottom bracket to keep the punters guessing. Waddya think?”
Designer 1 “Brilliant! True innovation.” (Much mutual back patting).
Me: Has anybody seen my Pashley Princess? I knew I parked it somewhere around here.

Too jaded
14 years ago

Please forgive the double comment, but on a less cynical note, I do like the double skinned mudguard/fender idea. That’s practical clever, not just clever for the sake of it. A self supporting mudguard should be safer, quieter, more effective & less prone to damage (no more bent stays). Kudos.

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