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Carb Boom! New Flavors and Products

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I’m a long-time fan of CarbBOOM…from their early days in the “applesauce” cups to their awesome new flavors, Watermelon and Raspberry.  Here’s why:  They use real fruit!

If you’ve never tried a CarbBOOM gel, you owe it to yourself to break from routine next time you order or buy your normal gels and at least try a couple of flavors.  My very favorite is the Apple because it’s literally like squeezing applesauce into your mouth.  Delicious, and it has complex carbs, electrolytes, etc., to keep you going.  It tastes so good because they use Apple puree and concentrate.  Likewise for their other flavors.

I had a pre-production Watermelon gel they gave me at Interbike and used it this past weekend.  Actually, I couldn’t remember what the new flavor was because the packet was unprinted and only had an expiry date on it.  It only took about a second to figure it out…it tastes like a real Watermelon, albeit leaning toward Jolly Rancher watermelon, but that’s hardly a complaint.

They have some other new products coming out this year and early next, click the “more” link to see the energy chews, women’s sports drink and more…

Here are the current flavors.  They have something for everyone, and all flavors are offered in 24-serving bottles you can use to fill gel flasks (below).  As another example, the Double Espesso flavor’s ingredients include Cocoa and Coffee…not flavors, mind you, the real deal.


The Raspberry flavor launches this month, and the Watermelon hits stores in February 2009.

Another new product are these energy chews.  Berry hits on November 10, and Citrus in February 2009.  No info on ingredients yet…

Also dropping in February are these Natural Energy Bars.  From the looks on the front, they should be pretty tasty and very healthy.

Available now is CarbBOOM’s Rain women’s sports drink.  It has things like Calcium, Vitamin D and Folic Acid specifically for women and is fairly low in sugar.  Comes in Mango Lemonade and Cran Apple Razz flavors.

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