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Cardo BK-1 Headset: Walkie-Talkie Linkage, Bluetooth Connectivity

Cardo BK 1 Duo Single Bluetooth Bicycle Communication
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Cardo BK 1 Duo Single Bluetooth Bicycle Communication

Specializing in walkie-talkie gadgets for motorcycles and snowmobiles, Cardo Systems recently unveiled a rig specifically for cycling – the BK-1. It’s a radio headset that’ll link three cyclists to walkie-talkie each other at a distance up to 500 meters.

Each headset picks up two radio signals from other BK-1 devices and switches between lines with the mash of a button. Also, when not talking it up with other cyclists, BK-1 doubles as a standard headset and connects to mp3 players, gps devices and phones via bluetooth .

BK-1 has two parts – the transmitter and the headset. The waterproof transmitter straps atop the helmet with velcro the same way as bicycle headlights. A rechargeable Li-poly battery lasts for about 7 hours with constant radio chatter or music. Charge time is 3 hours. The headset connected to the transmitter is composed of a microphone/earbud combo on the right ear and a standard earbud on the left ear. A cord from the headset runs through the back of the helmet to the transmitter. To avoid the dangers of earbuds while riding, the headset velcros to the interior of the helmet, leaving some cushion space between the buds and the ear.

Pricing for a set of two walkie-talkies is $479.95 here. An individual device runs $274.95 here. Click ‘more’ for a close up and specs…

Cardo Bk 1 Due Bicycle Wireless Headset Close

Built into the transmitter are five buttons – channels A and B, volume controls, buttons to cycle songs, and a cellular call button.

Tech specs from Cardo Systems’ website:


  • Fits virtually all bicycle helmets
  • Lightweight Aerodynamic design (main module weight 50.7g)
  • Waterproof and dustproof (IP67 standards)
  • Up to 7 hours talk time/1 week stand by
  • Universal Travel Charger 110/240V 50/60Hz
    Battery type:  Rechargeable Li- Polymer
  • Charging time – 3 hours
  • Omni-directional microphone
  • Hovering speakers with flexible boom for
    maximum biker comfort
  • Multi – functional USB jack


  • 3-way Bike-to-Bike intercom conference mode  at a
    range of up to 500 m /1 640 feet
  • Click-to-Link  Spontaneous intercom conversations with any
    cardo BK-1 user nearby

Key Functions

  • Make / Receive / Reject mobile phone calls either by voice
    command or at the push of a button
  • Receive in-the-ear GPS navigation voice
  • Upgradeable Software to support future enhancements/features USB cable for PC included

 Multiple Device Connectivity

  • Mobile Phone
  • GPS
  • MP3

Advanced Technology

  • Voice-control for receiving or rejecting incoming mobile or intercom calls
  • Packet Loss Concealment: Real-Time compensation of audio losses in challengingenvironments
  • Digital Signal Processing Technology for
    advanced functionality
  • Volume-Per-Mode: Volume is set and saved at different levels for each audio function
  • Echo cancellation for increased audio clarity


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11 years ago


WV Cycling
WV Cycling
11 years ago

A bit pricey, and haven’t there been similar/simpler things out on the market for almost 15 years?

11 years ago

So, just over a third of mile range? Kindda weak. My dad I used walkie-talkies years ago (pre cell phones) when I worked at a marina and he was at home… 3 miles away!

11 years ago

I dunno. I’m hearing impaired & ppl are always talking at conversational levels into the wind 15yds ahead of me… this could be something on a longer ride. Wait til the price is halved tho

Ifi Mark
11 years ago

they are a bit greedy, who isn’t. I hope chinese manufacturers blow them out of their business by making this 30dollars as a trow away commodity. it must be very handy. but then again, how is this any different than a cellphone headset? we can call each other for next-to nothing nowadays.

9 years ago

Bojams.com‘s prices are pretty hard to beat for walkie talkies. I buy more and more stuff from there, whether it be walkie talkies or anything else. Way cheaper than any other place I’ve seen.

But if you find better prices than Bojams.com for walkie talkies somewhere, please share! I’m always looking for deals.

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