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Castelli’s New One-Piece ‘Body Paint’ Bib Shorts

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Carlos Sastre and the Cervelo Test Team were putting some miles on Castelli’s new ‘Body Paint’ bib shorts during the 2009 Tour de France.  The shorts, in development for over three years with the goal of creating a seamless short from a single piece of fabric.

Sock companies have seamless designs for years via imaginative weaving patterns and methods, but the lycra/polyester material presented some real challenges.  Castelli said it had to “revolutionize fabric construction, completely rethink patterns and fit.”  In the end, there is one seam, which is quite an impressive feat.

The new bib shorts will debut to the public at EuroBike in September and feature the new Progetto X2 chamois pad, which has also been in development for years and uses a new layered construction.  Pics and deets after the break…


One feature I wish someone would come up with is adjustable straps for us tall, lean folk.  These straps do look pretty comfy, though…  This guy’s like “dude, check out my sweet tan line.”  Then, we’re like “Dude, do you shave your chest?”

Anyway, on to the new Progetto X2 chamois…


The new Progetto X2 is made of 10 individual components and takes 12 steps to manufacture.  Castelli says the effort is worth it as the chamois “disappears” beneath you.  Here’s their marketing speak describing the pad:

SKIN CARE LAYER (red layer) is a soft, stretchy, seamless, bacteriostatic layer next to your skin with the simple task of preventing any sort of chafing. It’s made to adapt to the shape of your body and the saddle without any folds of the fabric (Ed. Note: then what’s that thing on the front?). It’s probably the softest thing to touch your private parts since you got out of diapers.

CUSHIONING LAYER puts just the right padding in the right places. Castelli invented Vario Thick, and now we take it to a new level with infinitely variable thickness. The edges of the pad are thin, gradually thickening to maximum thickness under the ischial bones where you sit. Perforated viscous comfort padding is added under the ischial bones and in perineum area for maximum padding in these highly sensitive areas.

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Richard I
14 years ago

I’ll tell you something for nothing, I’ve never looked like that in a pair of bib shorts my whole life.
And that tan line is painted on, he spends far too much time in the gym to ever find time for cycling.

14 years ago

I’m worried less about the tan line than I am about the nick somebody has taken out of his left arm! This man has seen some action.

14 years ago

What about for the ladies, or a non-bib version of the men’s? Anything like that in development to your knowledge.

13 years ago

found a website where you can pre-roder the bodypaint!!
it’s in dutch, but im pretty sure they also do orders abroad!

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