Cell Cycling have added an ultra lightweight shifter upgrade for their X-Shifter universal wireless shifting kit. The Cell BIT is a 1.5g aluminium button, smaller than a quarter. Its size is what makes it such a versatile upgrade; mount it almost anywhere on the bar, including the hoods, tops, drops, or even the end of a TT bar. 

Cell BIT Wireless Shifter

cell bit x-shifter wireless shifting conversion kit drop bar cycling

The Cell Bit is a hybrid wireless system. It connects to Cell Cycling’s BlakBox transceiver, which itself weighs 14g. That connection is via a wire, hence “hybrid wireless”, as compared to Cell’s wireless shifters, the X-Shifter, X-POD and mini-POD.
It can be mounted under the stem or wrapped under bar tape anywhere, with its small size making it a viable option for time trial bars too.
cell bit hybrid wireless shifter time trial bars

Cell Cycling recommend the use of a 6mm Punch for cutting an accurate hole in your hood or handlebar tape

Current software allows only two buttons to connect to the BlakBox transceiver via two USB-C ports. That said, the software currently only supports a single shifter. However, enhanced firmware in the pipeline (coming 1st quarter of 2021) will allow nearly unlimited buttons and shifters to connect.
The brand say they already have customers in the hand cycle market testing the electronic shifter with adaptive buttons for chin control. 

Pricing & Availability

cell bit electronic shifter hybrid wireless shifter

The Cell BIT is expected to go live on their website in early January. The new X-Shifter Kits kits will include the Version 3 ELink, with improved speed, battery life and reliability. The kit now includes two batteries. The estimated retail price for the shifter, two batteries, BlakBox and a pair of BITs will be around $250.



  1. mud on

    I also looked up a review of X-shifter (Bike Radar) and many comments complaining how people were stiffed in the Kickstarter campaign. They originally promised 2x shifting, then abandoned it, with no refund to supporters.

    Archer components has a similar set-up, with an app for Android or IOS to tune in number of cogs and pull ratio (so it works for Shimano, Sram, Campy). You can buy it integrated with TRP Hylex levers.


  2. reid on

    Read what they did with their last product. I’d expect bike rumor to do better then promote what at this point looks like a scam of a company.

  3. KGR on

    I’m one of the Kickstarter backers and happen to be lucky to have shaken enough trees to mostly get my order. I’ve used DI2, Cell/Xshifter, and Archer, so I’m in a good place to comment about where Cell fits into the scheme of things. I’ll do the good, bad, ugly in reverse order because the good is good enough to warrant ending on a high note.

    Ugly – The odds of getting warranty support from Cell-Cycling or a fulfillment of their “money-back guarantee” is close to zero. I still have outstanding warranty claims on a failed E-link, inquired about small parts, and other issues that Cell has refused to respond to. I can also say from experience that they’re *very* selective about what posts in their forums get approved, and not in a good way. Don’t expect support of any kind. Seriously. This part of the reputation is richly deserved.

    Bad – The shifter pods still need improvement. The app is just barely functional. A lot of functionality promised in 2016 has yet to materialize. Cell/Xshifter completely underestimated how hard it is to develop good software. The Android version (made by a supporter in his free time) is significantly better than the iOS version. You must park the bike in a small cog. If you replace the E-link battery in a large cog, the shifter will try to move to the smallest cog. The problem with this is that Shimano 12-speed RDs can derail their pulleys and trash their cages if you shift into a too-small cog while on a too-large cog even when using a carefully measured chain and carefully adjusted B-tension screw (destroyed an XT cage this way and had a close call with another). This is fundamentally a Shimano issue, but the way the E-link resets on a battery replacement makes it more extreme.

    The original E-links can and do burn themselves out if you dump a lot of gears without pedaling or the derailleur hits the limit screw stop (for example, during a fast off-the-saddle descent leading right to a steep climb). You can work around the limit screw issue by backing way off your large cog / large chainring limit screw and handling the limit strictly by app tuning. The “dumping gears” issue doesn’t have an ideal workaround, I just limit how many gears I dump

    Good – Kickstarter notwithstanding, Cell is in fact promptly delivering on new orders placed over the past year. The E-links are supposedly being improved to make them more durable. I’ve been using Cell/Xshifters since 2017 and I really don’t feel any need or desire to go back to mechanical shifting. Shifts are fast, consistent, and accurate once you get the tuning dialed in – not as fast or silent as DI2 but much faster than Archer. I’m certainly happy to avoid all the proprietary baloney Shimano and SRAM are throwing out there. I love the fact that I can switch between different speeds and derailleur types at my whim.

    The bottom line is that if you want the advantages of electronic shifting and are willing to price in the fact that you shouldn’t expect warranty support, and can live with their foibles, these offer near-DI2 performance without the hassle, proprietary limitations, or the cynical pricing of the DI2 ecosystem.

    • CW on

      I still don’t understand your perceived “hassle” in DI2 or AXS systems.
      Here is how it works (experience). Buy/order a bike with AXS/EPS/DI2. Ride it for a couple of years, charge it every now and again. After those years, sell it again. Period.
      No fiddling around, no issues with compatibility, no issues with not getting warrantee, just riding and enjoying.

      • KGR on

        I used the word “hassle” with respect to DI2, not AXS. If you want to retrofit an old bike or build one from the frame up, it’s a lot more work and expense to figure out (and install) the correct E-tube lengths, junction boxes, and battery on a DI2 setup than to install something like Cell or Archer.

        Plus, you can take it from one frame to the next, one drivetrain to the next without having to necessarily change a thing. I’ve done an Eagle to Shimano 12-speed upgrade and an Shimano 11 to 12-speed upgrade and it’s the easiest thing in the world.

        If all someone does is buy a complete bike and ride it without ever changing or upgrading anything, then my “hassle” comment doesn’t apply. Personally, I love the fact that Cell and Archer are wireless, brand-agnostic, and don’t require a prohibitively expensive derailleur in the event of a mishap. To each their own.

  4. David @ Cell on

    It is unfortunate that the Archer trolls swoop in on every review of Cell’s products. But to be clear, Cell is NOT XShifter, and is not connected to the 2016 Kickstarter campaign. We have dramatically improved the product in the last year. Great things are coming from Cell soon. We have thousands of satisfied customers.

    • Joenomad on

      Instead of complaining that everyone is trolling you, btw one comment regarding archer, tell the readers what your plans are to deliver a successful product.

    • mud on

      I made one comment mentioning Archer, and I’m not a troll on anyone’s payroll. The technology is promising, but people who are stiffed on crowdfunding drives have a long memory. Since Cell has a connection to X-Shifter (even if offering an after-market improvement on their product) expect to own that dissatisfaction.

    • KGR on

      It’s absolutely disingenuous to say “Cell is not Xshifter”. I don’t know if Xshifter filed bankruptcy or if there is some legal disassociation involved, but frankly it doesn’t matter. You have fundamentally the same leadership at the top with the same attitudes and a lot of the same baggage of secretive and questionable business practices of Xshifter. There is no legal technicality that changes that.

      Public relations 101: Own your failures because we’re current and potential future customers, not idiots.

  5. mavickers on

    I was one of the early Kickstarter backers – coming up on four years past-due for delivery of my “super early bird” pledge. lol.

    Cell cycling may be filling orders now, but at one point some of us kickstarters were referred to them to get our pledges filled. I heard back once from them, then never again.

  6. David @ Cell on

    To answer KGR’s point, yes the original XShifter corporation and partnership are legally dissolved more than 1 year ago. This was reported on the Kickstarter forum. The problem is, you only hear the negatives. The majority of the Kickstarter pledges have been filled by Cell, and we are continuing to try and complete. Those that have been understanding and patient are eventually going to be rewarded with a far better system than was originally created by XShifter. The pandemic has had a serious impact on us, just like everyone else, but we are still committed to this.

    Regarding the “motor burning” issue, this is from the first build. That is long past us. Newest model being released soon is virtually bullet proof.

    • KGR on

      @David – That’s promising. I know there are a bunch of different E-link versions out there in the wild. I have several versions myself with little more than speculation as to their possible differences. Hopefully we’ll see a hardware and software changelog, and hopefully Paul will make good on his promises to offer discounts on future products to the Kickstarter backers

    • Will on

      David, Perhaps you could post here how those of us who still haven’t received our orders could get them fulfilled? I ordered direct through xshifter, not through Kickstarter.

    • mavickers on

      David – I contacted Cell over private fb message in Feb of 2019. As a Kickstarter backer I was told that I was in line for product for March 2019.

      That never happened. I’ve reached back out over fb message but it doesn’t appear that Cell is even reading the messages.

      Your product reviews are going to get hounded in the comments by stiffed, angry people until you make them whole. Sorry, but that was part of the package when you bought XShifter.

  7. Laith Bilbeisi on

    I ordered from xshifter (not kickstarter) I never got my product.either . Got directed here and there to different suppliers partners of xshifter. With no luck all a completed waste of time and money. Dont like wishing anything but success on people/ companies but really dont have much good feelings towards xshifter cell or whatever they are after they took my order (NOT a funding donation) yes my order and basically stole my money

  8. josh on

    i originally backed on indiegogo and never got my shifter directly from xshifter, but i did get one from a distributor in wisconsin (i think.) whether he felt bad for me, or he was supposed to fulfill pledges i don’t know. either way i liked it enough on my S&S coupler bike i bought a 2nd one on ebay for less than my pledge. recently found a 3rd on ebay for <$100 because i figured it would be good to have a back up elink. i figured the company was dead and there would be no further updates so i should stock up because it really is a wonderful option for the coupler bike. glad to see david@cell reply to indicate things are still moving forward. we really need some app development and ability to have at least 2 pods connected to one elink….please tell me this is coming!

  9. raino on

    I have nothing to do with Archer. All I want is my Xshift I paid good money for and so far I have received nothing. If I leant my buddy Mark hundreds of dollars and he changed his name I would still expect him to pay me back.

  10. Gene Pavlovsky on

    XSHIFTER KickStarter, Update #53 (January 5, 2020), Paul Gallagher said this:
    “The original HK based XShifter corporation is permanently closed. It has also become extremely difficult to do business in HK. Cell Cycling will take over the Kickstarter and pre-sales obligations of the original XShifter corporation.”

    Backer #72, pledged $269: SUPER EARLY BIRD | XSHIFTER DUAL (2x)
    Received nothing so far. I wouldn’t mind to get two of the new system!

  11. Robert on

    researching you and Archer for a 1999 Rans Stratus – older rider with lots of older rider friends – want to switch systems now to make sure I ride longer into the future – big market there, along with disability applications , multiple buttons, etc – Interested in the newest version coming out — rumor of voice control ? – my local bike shop owner loves the product but says you guys give him “zero” support – he is on week 3 waiting for an email response – unfortunately, this is a big deal – if you treat dealers like this, what about the rest ? would really appreciate a reply, with good info, as a potential new customer

    • Cell Cycling on

      Say what you want about the failed Kickstarter campaign. But Cell Cycling has done an outstanding job of supporting and servicing our customers and dealers. I can assure you, there are no dealers waiting 3 weeks for an email response from us. If he is, then perhaps its sent to the wrong email address. Fact is, we have an extremely low failure rate of our product. Early Kickstarter products had some issues. but the latest product has less than 1% failure rate. We are building an interactive support webpage to help solve all problems. We even provide a free spare battery in all kits now.


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