CeramicSpeed is experimenting with a Cerakote finish on their OSPW derailleur pulleys, offering a tougher finish in a variety of colors.

They’re the same carbon cage and pulley wheels as their stock OSPW, just given an extra coat with the tough material. The coating is mainly there to protect the carbon cage against scratches, because the wear characteristics on the pulleys is about the same as anodization.

cerakote ceramicspeed OSPW oversized derailleur pulley cage and wheels

But it’s also mainly cosmetic – the improved toughness kinda doesn’t matter because the cages have a lifetime warranty since they don’t expect them to fail. In fact, they say they’ve already won MTB Marathon World Championships for both men and women with the off-road OSPW, and two eMTB World Cups.

cerakote ceramicspeed OSPW oversized derailleur pulley cage and wheels for mountain bikes

Pricing will be a bit more than the regular versions, which start at $529 USD. They’ll do 100 pieces at first, available soon – which they told us means “this year”, so let them know if you want them.

In the meantime, those Blue pulley wheels are available now with the standard finish. They also just introduced new greases and cleaners if you’re looking for more affordable ways to make your bike faster.


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Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict
2 months ago

It’s tactical, you wouldn’t understand.