CeramicSpeed is looking to speed up your bike with their precision ceramic bearings for bottom brackets, pulleys, headsets, and wheels. Until now, however, you were out of luck if your crankset required the latest BB standard from SRAM, dubbed DUB. Their latest introduction is a host of different DUB-compatible road-and-MTB options for various bottom bracket shells, so you can spin smoothly for miles to come.

CeramicSpeed BB series for DUB-bottom-bracket

All images courtesy CeramicSpeed.

CeramicSpeed bottom brackets for SRAM DUB standard

CeramicSpeed has a huge line of ceramic bearings for your bike, including large diameter pulleys, wheel bearings, and of course – bottom brackets. One missing piece, however, was an option for SRAM’s new DUB standard. With a slightly-smaller-than-30mm spindle size (@ 28.99mm), it gives room for larger, more durable bearings and seals.

Compatible options include BB86, BB92, BB30, PF30, PF30A, BBRight, BSA/BSC/English threaded, Italian threaded, BB386EVO, T45, and T47. In short, CeramicSpeed has something that will fit your bike.

CeramicSpeed’s Chief Marketing Officer Ben Powell said, “The introduction of the SRAM DUB™-compatible bottom bracket brings CeramicSpeed’s unrivalled product to a greater range of brands and frame/crank combinations, enabling riders to enjoy increased efficiency, smoothness and longevity.”

The new DUB-compatible bottom brackets are available now. Prices start at $359 for the standard version, or $459 for an upgrade with 3-micron thick coating on the bearing races for improved corrosion resistance and reduced friction. Learn more about these and other CeramicSpeed products at the link below.



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