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Compact GMC Granite Concept SUV Holds Full Size Mountain Bike

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Shown purely as a concept at the Detroit Auto Show this week, GMC hopes to change the perception of the brand from just big trucks to smaller, modern vehicles.  The Granite is a compact SUV that, despite the thick, bold appearance is actually a foot shorter than the Chevy HHR.

Why do we care?  Because it’ll hold a full size mountain bike loaded through the side doors without having to take a wheel off:


Thanks to clever folding seats and rear suicide doors (and what appears to be a weatherproof flooring), the Granite makes good use of its diminutive size.  Assuming it goes into production, it’ll be a front wheel driver with a turbo charged 1.4L inline four cylinder engine.

Check the video, links and another photo after the break…


OK, GMC, you want feedback?  Here’s my two cents: Have an all-wheel drive option and make sure people 6’2″ can sit comfortably for a day-long drive…meaning proper shoulder, head and leg room and supportive seats and comfortable center console armrests.  Seriously, I’ve chosen one car over another before because of the arm rests and center console (Murano = Good.  Scion xB = Bad. Toyota Sienna = Okay.)  Oh, and make sure a rear hitch can easily be installed without having to modify the bumper…I like hitch-mount bike racks even if I’m never going to tow anything.  And just something for thought:  Why are the Mini Cooper and Mercedes A-Class the only small cars that actually offer silent, well-appointed interiors?  Can’t the U.S. make a small, beautiful and luxurious car, too?  The Granite appears to have the first two…I say go for broke. (pun sort of intended)

Oops, wait, one more.  If you overlook diesel or hybrid on this, I think you’re missing the bigger picture, especially if you’re targeting the young professional.

More pics on Autoweek and the video was found on Core77.

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29 year old male
29 year old male
13 years ago

Adding to former comments if you put a hybrid diesel engine in it or better yet a hybrid turbo diesel engine in it you could compete with VW and Jeep. It also needs a quality roof and racks that can actualy hold stuff and not bend under the waight. 6 sheats of drywall or 10 sheats of OSB = GOAL! Thats clear. O and people from up north like a lot of rubber between the road and the rimms we have things called frostheaves and potholes. If you could put on some type of plastic flares around the wheele wells and under the running bords it will save the car from turnning into a rust box. Good luck dont screw it up.

11 years ago

You are right about offering different engines or hybrids, I think more than that they are missing the point if it is only Front wheel drive and do not have an AWD option.

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