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Contour Introduces Their Newest Camera, the ContourRoam

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Rather than trying to stuff more features than a Swiss Army knife into their latest camera, Contour has instead opted to focus on ease of use. If you’ve ever used a helmet cam, you’ve been there: thinking the camera was on when it really wasn’t, missing that sweet action shot because you were fumbling with the settings. What if there was a camera that was so easy to use, there was really no way to mess it up? Would you use it more?

The answer is most likely yes, which is exactly why Contour has released the new ContourRoam.

Read on to see what makes the Roam so easy.


Using a button that you press once to turn on and press again to turn off, opens the door to confusion as to whether the camera is on or not. Rather than use an led indicator that you physically have to look at to know if the camera is shooting or not, the ContourRoam has a sliding switch on top that is easily operated with gloves. Further still, once the power switch is slid to the on position, the camera starts to record immediately, all in under 2 seconds.

The top of the camera also features battery and memory indicators to let you know when you will run out of juice or fill up the card. Storage duties are tackled by a MicroSD slot that will accept up to a 32GB card, so the battery will probably die before you run out of storage. Like its more expensive Cotour+ sibling, the Roam features a super wide 170 degree rotating lens, with 6 element glass, and a laser level.



Perhaps one of the best features, is that the new Roam is waterproof to one meter. That means without a bulky housing you can ride regardless of the conditions and still get the shot. Going deeper than a meter? There is an additional waterproof housing for that which ups the waterproofing to 60 meters.

In addition the the standard TRail mounts that all Contours are compatible with, the Roam also features a built in 1/4″ – 20 tripod mount allowing for even more freedom for set up.

ContourRoam will retail for $199.99 and will include the ContourROAM camera, a rotating surface mount, a profile mount, and a USB cable.

To see how the Roam stacks up in features compared to the ContourGPS and the Countour+, check out the handy comparison chart on Contour’s site.


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