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Craigslist Post: World’s Most Uncomfortable Saddle

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World’s most uncomfortable saddle
Date: 2010-01-01, 11:41PM PST

Like a ghastly specter from your darkest nightmare, this saddle has returned from the grave seeking vengeance. Its previous master thought it had banished it to the blackness of the abyss for good, but nay, it was only for an epoch.

*Steel rails forged by LUCIFER himself
*Genuine Auroch hide seat provides maximum chafing

I am reaching the end of my strength, as the madness contained within this dark artifact threatens to consume me. I cannot merely throw this adamantine saddle on the rubbish heap, lest some unwary passerby become transfixed by its lightless glow. No, I must only give this to one with the courage to look into the bloodshot eyes of insanity, and the strength to master it. A wizard with the cunning to master this beast gains an ally of unspeakable power: the ultimate theft deterrent. At the moment the thief straddles your steed, his fate is sealed. Eager for revenge upon mortals, the saddle will visit his arse with blisters that rival the torment of fire and brimstone… a dire lesson he will not soon forget. This same fate will befall any unworthy mortal who in his arrogance, attempts to mount the saddle of doom. Are you worthy?

* Location: Green Lake
* it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Thanks to Daniel for the tip!

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13 years ago

I have the same saddle. One could pull a tube sock over a 2×4 and it would be hard to feel a difference. It’s soft and plush to the touch like a slice of Wonder Bread, yet it has the cushioning effect of that single slice of bread (in a tube sock over a 2×4).

I’ve given this CODA-branded mistake away a dozen times in a dozen years and it always finds its way back to me. Sometimes I walk out to get the paper in the morning and it’s just sitting on my front porch waiting for me to let it back in the house.

13 years ago

I have an ISM Adamo saddle, it’s the best ever, if you’re getting rid of yours, I’m interested …

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