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Pink Bike Fox DH Inverted Fork Prototype
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Pink Bike Fox DH Inverted Fork Prototype

PinkBike learned that Fox’s prototype inverted DH fork has finished testing and won’t make it to production. Turns out their pro testers, Gee Atherton and Aaron Gwin, liked the fore/aft stiffness at speed, but said the standard lowers-on-the-bottom model currently being sold whipped its butt in the corners. They’re reporting Fox said they could likely improve the stiffness in the turns and berms, but that it would add too much weight to make it commercially viable. More here.

National Womens Cycling Forum Sue Macy

This is the first ever forum to be dedicated to the future of women in cycling. It will bring awareness to women engaged in the lifestyle/sport. Wheels of Change will feature author Sue Macy as a keynote speaker, among many others. It will be held at the National Bike Summit that takes place from March 20-22 in the DC Metro Center.  The forum itself takes place on March 20th from 2pm-4pm.

Robert Marchand Cycling Record UCI

The 2012 Track World Cup is hosted this weekend in London with records already being set. This one is set by French cyclist Robert Marchand, 100 years old. He rode 24.25km in 60 minutes.  Marchand now holds the record in the best hour performance in the Masters over 100 years. Read further here.

Drivers have recently decided that they are, in fact, the largest hazard to cyclists. According to a poll at the Times in London, 55% of drivers admitted this, and 52% support segregated cycling lanes. 18% answered that foremost hazard is dangerous behavior among cyclists. The poll is split as to how to fund an improved cycling infrastructure. More numbers and poll coverage at Road.cc.

Celebrities Bike To Oscars

Commute by Bike brings to light the impact that celebrities would have if riding bikes to the Oscars. They write that hybrid cars are sooo 2005. Now, celebrities must step up the game. Although quite comical, a problem-solution format is presented for how celebrities may go about doing this.

  1. Hair: Celebrities don’t want to mess up their hair. By either not wearing a helmet (which isn’t encouraged) or wearing a helmet for show while walking the red carpet, the problem can be avoided.
  2. Clothes: With careful planning, it is possible to find a dress that one can ride a bike in. Think step-through frames.
  3. Shoes: Celebrities don’t want to mess up designer shoes. Solution? Wear different shoes while cycling!
  4. The Bike: Celebrities shouldn’t ride any old bike. A careful decision must be made as to which bike best suits the person. Bamboo perhaps?
  5. Ego: No celebrity wants to show up without a posse. Solution? Ride tandem.

More at Commute by Bike.

Chainsaw BikeThis post-apocalyptic rage machine is scary, fun, and perhaps useful. If the roaring chainsaw doesn’t scare the jay-walker, perhaps the painful grimace of the rider will.

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