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New DeFeet SUB360 socks slip fully sublimated graphics into all-day comfort

DeFeet sublimated performance socks with printed designs
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If you need something unique and colorful for your (home) office attire, or just a reason to put your feet up on the kitchen table during the next Zoom call, DeFeet’s got ya covered.

Their new SUB360 line of “all day” socks uses their new 360º sublimation method to make some seriously beautiful graphics. Three versions launch the Tambora line -Eruption, Dark Days, and Waves- inspired by the events that led to the creation of the bicycle…

ERUPTION: In April of 1815, a volcano in Sumbawa near Indonesia erupted with an EVI 7. With a reported 14,100-foot peak being reduced to only 9,350 feet. Such a blast has rarely been seen in the history of humankind. The explosion was heard 1200 miles away.

DARK DAYS: The volcano sent miles of ash into the stratosphere. The particles were positively charged and static electricity kept them aloft. Word is that the blast killed at least 10,000 people, but that was only the blast. What followed was sudden climate change. 1816 became the year without summer. Crops failed and livestock died, which resulted in the worst famine of the century.

WAVES: A young man in Baden, Germany, Karl von Drais, worked on ways to travel due to the very scarce availability of horses. Karl strapped a wood frame over two wooden wheels and rode his Laufmaschine 8 miles in about one hour. This was seen as a new way to get around and soon it was called the Hobby Horse. Later, it would be referred to as a Velocipede because the rider would be propelling himself with his feet. Think of it as a Flinstone bicycle. It became so popular that pedestrians in Paris had it banned from the city streets. London loved it and soon all the dandy lads were hopping around town, thanks to Karl. The waves are symbolic of the expansive innovation that followed Karl’s groundbreaking invention, which changed transportation forever.

Each pair retails for $19.99 and are available in S/M/L/XL. They’re knit with fibers made from recycled water bottles (called Repreve, from local NC company Unifi) and have a 7″ ribbed cuff and padded heels.


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