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This…is…Spartan 29! Devinci puts big wheels on their 2019 enduro rig

Keegan Wright riding the 2019 Devinci Spartan 29Getting the anti-rise performance dialed on the new Devinci Spartan 29er helps keep Keegan Wright from going ass over elbows!
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Canada’s Devinci cycles has made their stance clear – bigger wheels are the future of MTB racing. At Crankworx Whistler Bikerumor checked out their new Wilson 29 DH bike, and today Devinci announces the 2019 Spartan 29.

The Spartan enduro bike hasn’t just grown to 29” wheels, it’s also moved to another new standard – Super Boost 157mm rear spacing. The 2019 complete bikes will come with carbon or aluminum frames and several different build kits to choose from. Devinci is also offering framesets in both carbon and aluminum.

2019 Devinci Spartan 29, Keegan Wright bike, side
I got to look at Keegan Wright’s personal bike at Crankworx Whistler a few weeks ago.

The Spartan 29 features the Split Pivot suspension platform, which Devinci has favored for some time now. However, while re-designing the frame to fit the larger wheels Devinci also improved upon the Spartan 29’s suspension dynamics and increased its lateral stiffness. The new Spartan frames come in either full carbon or 6066 T-6 aluminum with carbon seatstays.

The 29” Spartans don’t sacrifice any rear travel versus the 27.5” models, offering 165mm of squish with 170mm forks up front. The rear shocks are all metric, trunnion mount types and the frames can accommodate coil shocks if desired.

2019 Devinci Spartan 29, 157mm rear hub

The other significant change for 2019 is the Spartan 29’s Super Boost 157mm rear spacing. Devinci decided to go to 157mm because wider rear ends can accommodate wider tires and larger front chainrings while keeping the chainstays short. Recently Knolly gave us plenty of detail on the perceived advantages when they applied Trail 157 spacing to their Fugitive 29ers. Click over to that article for more info on why wider might be better, especially with bigger wheels.

2019 Devinci Spartan 29, Keegan Wright bike, rocker link

Frame geometry is identical between the carbon and aluminum models, and the geo is adjustable between Hi and Lo settings.  The full chart is below, but here’s the key numbers: Seat tube angles are quite steep at 76-76.5 degrees, steering angles are a slack 65-65.6 degrees, and the chainstays were kept short at 432-430mm. For reference, the reach on a size medium frame is 445 or 453mm depending on the geo setting.

2019 Devinci Spartan 29, geo chart

As for other frame details, the Spartan 29 uses a threaded BB (carbon and alum frames), and can run up to a 38t front chainring. The rear triangles will accept up to 29×2.5” treads. The carbon frames include fully internal cable routing, but the aluminum models are mostly external save for Stealth dropper post compatibility. All frames come with a bash plate on the downtube and integrated chainstay protectors.

2019 Devinci Spartan 29, threaded BB  2019 Devinci Spartan 29, internal cable routing

The Spartan 29 is dropper post compatible, but depending on your chosen post you’re limited on the aluminum frames to 100mm droppers on smalls, 125mm on mediums, and 150mm on large/XL frames. The carbon frames can accept 125mm posts on smalls, 150mm on mediums and 170mm’s on large and XL sizes.

2019 Devinci Spartan 29 Carbon bike specs

2019 Devinci Spartan 29, carbon, Tectonic Red

There are four build kits available for carbon frames, check the graphics below for complete specs and pricing. The carbon models come in Matte Tectonic Red (above) or Gloss Green (below).

2019 Devinci Spartan 29, carbon, green

2019 Devinci Spartan 29, X01 carbon build kit

2019 Devinci Spartan 29, carbon GX LTD build kit

2019 Devinci Spartan 29, carbon GX kit

2019 Devinci Spartan 29, carbon NX build kit

2019 Devinci Spartan 29 Alloy bike specs

The aluminum Spartan 29’s will be offered in two build kits, and the frames come in Matte Black/Blue.

2019 Devinci Spartan 29, aluminum, Black/blue

2019 Devinci Spartan 29, aluminum GX build kit

2019 Devinci Spartan 29, aluminum NX build kit

The Spartan 29 will also be sold as a frameset. The carbon framesets include a Rockshox Super Deluxe RC3 rear shock, an FSA headset, a seat clamp, and a Rockshox Reverb Stealth dropper seatpost. The carbon framesets will sell for $3,369 USD.

The aluminum framesets come with a Super Deluxe R rear shock, FSA headset, seat clamp and a TransX dropper post. MSRP is $2,169 USD.


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5 years ago

I hope that I die from old age before I have to “upgrade” to super uber dumb extra boost… i.e. 157 x 12. Out of spite I’ll never pay money for a pivot because of their modification of the DH hub standard. Couldn’t even let regular old plain boost get cold before changing things…

5 years ago
Reply to  Johnny

Agree. It’s nice that BR notes this early in the article, so I can quit reading, and move on to the next article.

5 years ago
Reply to  Johnny

Aside from moving the flange out, what’s modified from existing 157 hubs? If you’ve got a DH hub, you can use it on this bike. What about the design do you not like, aside from it being “different?” Boost was a bit of a half measure, asking you to change cranks, hub, and frame. This uses available parts to gain real estate on trail bikes.

5 years ago
Reply to  Johnny

Lots of really smart bike builders prefer 157 over 148, it’s worth looking into before you dismiss it.

5 years ago
Reply to  Haromania

They could be Sir Isaac Newton intelligent and frankly I could care less. I’m tired of new standards rendering the 2nd most expensive part of a bicycle obsolete for what amounts to paper gains and unperceivable actual gains… Where you riding carbon wheels before and after boost? Did you notice any difference? Yeah, me either. At some point you reach good enough.

5 years ago

157 is not a new standard, it’s just adding some longer end caps to the old dusty 150×12 that have been around for 20+ years. It’s what pretty much everything will use in the next few years, because it’s the widest you can easily go without changing stance width/q factor at the crank end, and it has huge advantages from a builder’s/manufacturer’s perspective.

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