Riders with very large feet rejoice; there’s a new contender for the accolade of “world’s largest flat pedal”, and it’s made by David Folch at DirtySixer, of course. David has been making bikes for very tall people for many years, all of which run a 36″ wheelset. To complement the AllRoad MarkII 36er commuter bike, and the eDirtySixer still to come, DirtySixer has created a line of extra-large proprietary components to suit some of the tallest riders in the world; 36″ rims, extra-large grips and cranks… and now the DirtySixer pedals, boasting a massive 160mm x 122mm platform.

DirtySixer’s Massive Flat Pedals

worlds biggest pedals dirtysixer

Yes, the DirtySixer pedals are larger even than Pedaling Innovations XL Catalysts that sport a 160mm x 105mm platform. Correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe that makes the DirtySixer pedals the biggest you can buy.

David Folch, owner of the DirtySixer brand says, “They are on the sample a little over 650g. These pedals broke the testing machine after I asked to double the weight and the cycles of the highest testing requirements. They are made for our customers (some have shoes size 53), and they don’t count the grams but the years of riding safely on indestructible pedals. They have a full length steel axle, 2 sets of bearings and are of course fully rebuild-able”.

world largest bike pedals dirtysixer

Each pedal has 32 removable pins (16 on each side). The platform depth is stated as 14.5mm, with the total depth increasing to 23.6mm when you take into account pin length.

Pricing & Availability

The DirtySixer Pedals will retail at $220 USD. Keep an eye out on the DirtySixer website for availability info.


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Tim Tucker
Tim Tucker
1 month ago

The Elliptigo MSUB actually has bigger pedals than even these, although I doubt that they’re anywhere near as strong:

1 month ago

These area quite a bit wider the the Catalyst XL which will most likely lead to more pedal strikes. I’d prefer the narrower pedal.

Cave giant
Cave giant
1 month ago
Reply to  syborg

Then get the catalyst. Some people have been waiting for wide pedals!
If I’d known about these a couple of weeks ago I’d probably own a pair.