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DJI Mini 3 Pro delivers obstacle avoidance, massive flight times, still under 250g

dji mini 3 pro lightweight drone flying over a crystal blue lake
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Until now, if you wanted high end camera features, obstacle avoidance, and ultra-long flight times, you had to spend big for the larger DJI Mavic drones. But the new DJI Mini 3 Pro ushers in a pro-level feature set, great camera upgrades, and more while retaining its minuscule size and consumer-friendly weight.

Obstacle avoidance

For riders ripping through the woods trying to capture good action footage, the new obstacle avoidance is the standout feature. By adding front and rear sensors with a wide field of vision, combined with the prior downward-facing sensors, it’s able to fly faster through the woods while following a rider.

These sensors enable APAS 4.0 (Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems), meaning the obstacle avoidance on this Mini is more about assisting manual flight than optimizing automatic shots where the drone is flying autonomously.

It also adds FocusTrack to the Mini, which helps the drone automatically center the subject in the frame even with a less experienced pilot or while tracking and following (or preceding) the subject.

You’ll still have to upgrade to the larger drones to get side sensors for full range avoidance, but for “follow cam” fans with a friend to help film, this one fits in a jersey pocket and starts at just $669.

Better camera specs

dji mini 3 pro lightweight drone

Not only should the footage have more of you in it thanks to those new sensors, but it’ll look better with 4K/60fps videos and 48MP photos. Mini 3 Pro gets a 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor, f/1.7 aperture, and HDR footage. And, that sensor uses a dual native ISO system, which should (theoretically) help with low light filming.

A new feature is vertical shots, thanks to a camera that can rotate 90º to shoot in portrait formats…perfect for social media posts.

If you prefer to do your own color correction and editing, switch HDR off and use the Normal color profile for in-app editing, or D-Cinelike for pro-level editing on a desktop. Digital video zoom at up to 2x is available in 4K, 3x in 2.7K, and 4x in Full HD.

Longer flights, bigger battery options

dji mini 3 pro lightweight drone shown from the side

The Mini 3 Pro extends its flight time up to 34 minutes with the included battery. This comes partially from the battery itself, and partially thanks to redesigned propellers and more aerodynamic folding arms that improve efficiency and reduce drag.

And for the first time ever for the Mini line, there’s an Intelligent Flight Battery Plus that extends flight time up to 47 minutes! This one has the same form factor as the stock battery, but is likely a bit heavier and will push the complete weight over 250g. For users in regions where that triggers certain rules and restrictions, just be aware.

A new, better remote control

new DJI RC remote control with built in touch screen

Before, you controlled the Mini with their standard DJI RC-N1 remote tethered to your phone. Now, a new DJI RC gives you a premium controller with built-in 5.5″ touchscreen. Even better, the DJI Fly app is already integrated, so you don’t need your phone tethered to it at all. The new DJI RC is optional, available on its own or in a bundle.

dji mini 3 pro lightweight drone

Whether you’re using the new remote or the original paired with your phone, a single tap lets you use a multitude of pre-programmed creative shots:

  • FocusTrack Suit
    • Spotlight 2.0 keeps the subject in frame while you fly manually.
    • Point of Interest 3.0 circles the subject in a set flight radius and speed.
    • ActiveTrack 4.0 follows the subject in two selectable ways:
      • Trace: The aircraft tracks the subject at a constant distance
      • Parallel: The aircraft tracks the subject while flying beside it at a constant angle and distance
  • QuickShots
    • Dronie: Aircraft flies back and up with the camera locked on the subject.
    • Helix: Aircraft flies up and spirals around the subject.
    • Rocket: Aircraft flies up with the camera facing down.
    • Circle: Aircraft circles around the subject.
    • Boomerang: Aircraft flies around the subject in an oval path, ascending as it flies away and descending as it returns.
    • Asteroid: Aircraft creates a shot that begins as a sphere panorama high above the subject and ends with a normal shot hovering near the subject.
  • MasterShots: Keeps the subject in the center of the frame while executing different maneuvers in sequence to generate a short cinematic video.
  • Hyperlapse: Creates a dynamic timelapse where the aircraft flies on set paths during capture.

Pricing & Options

dji mini 3 pro bundle with basic remote control

DJI Mini 3 Pro is available for pre-order from store.dji.com and most authorized retail partners. Three configurations are available:

  • DJI Mini 3 Pro (no remote controller) – $669 USD
  • DJI Mini 3 Pro – $759 USD (includes DJI RC-N1 remote, shown above)
  • DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC) – $909 USD (includes DJI RC)

The base option is for those who already have a compatible remote, and you’ll need one. The Mini can’t be controlled solely with your phone and the app like some other models.

dji mini 3 pro lightweight drone folded up in palm of hand

Accessory kits are also available and include:

  • DJI Mini 3 Pro Fly More Kit – $189 USD (includes 2 Intelligent Flight Batteries, 1 Two- Way Charging Hub, 2 sets of propellers, and one Shoulder Bag)
  • DJI Mini 3 Pro Fly More Kit Plus – $249 USD (includes 2 Intelligent Flight Batteries Plus, 1 Two-Way Charging Hub, 2 sets of propellers, and one Shoulder Bag)

Other standalone accessories include an ND Filter lens kit, a 30W USB-C charger, propeller packs, and the batteries.


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