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Dynaplug Air is an All-in-One Tubeless Plugger & Tire Inflator That’s Only 20g

Dynaplug Air hero(Photo/Dynaplug)
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Flats can be a real bummer. Chico, California’s own Dynaplug has been fighting the good fight, combating flat tires for some time, and continues with the releasing of a new all-in-one flat solution. The Dynaplug Air incorporates repair and inflation in a single step, leaving you with an inflated tire and a puncture sealed by a Dynaplug.

Dynaplug Air full kit

These new tools only weigh in at .7 ounces, and Dynaplug calls them the lightest on the market. They’re made right here in the US of A out of 6061 aluminum. There’s even valve core remover built into the tool’s cap, eliminating one more tool you need to carry.

The new Air Tool Cap will come standard with every new Air Tool, and will also be sold separately for $19.99 as a stand-alone upgrade for your existing tools.

Dynaplug Air full kit from the top

How’s it work?

  1. Insert the repair nozzle into the puncture.
  2. Open the regulated air valve to achieve the desired pressure.
  3. Close the valve and remove the tool.

When you remove the tool, the plug stays in place and holds the air while sealing the puncture simultaneously. The kit includes an air hose to add co2 directly to the tire valve so you can use the tool as an inflator only.

The Dynaplug Air is similar in function to the Lezyne Tubeless co2 Blaster, though the Lezyne tool relies on their ‘bacon’ strips, while the Dynaplug uses their classic brass-tipped tire plugs.

Dynaplug Air sunlight

Dynaplug Air Features and Retail

Retail: $74.99

Colors: Black, Blue, Red, and Purple (duh)

  • Dynaplug Air Tool – compatible with all 12-50g threaded CO2 cartridges 
  • 4 plugs ​ 
  • 2ea. 16g CO2 ​ 
  • Air Hose – bonus CO2 inflator hose for non-plugging inflation use ​ 
  • Valve Core removal machined directly in the tool’s cap (NEW) ​ 
  • Made In the USA
  • Tool Weight: 20.2 G/.71 OZ ​ 
  • Made from 6061 aluminum with stainless steel repair nozzle ​ 


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6 months ago

Dynaplug is a great tool. Only propblem is when the plugs gets more than a year old, the brass tops falls off when using it. When the brass top falls off, the plug falls out of the tire.

Deputy Dawg
Deputy Dawg
6 months ago
Reply to  Peter

Curious, do you mean after you’ve used a plug to repair a leak, or while just carrying the plug around in the tool, ready to use?

6 months ago

Shooting co2 into the puncture seems crazy, but I assume it works. I will stick with a trusted co2 chuck and the Dynaplug Racer Pro. Dynaplugs are a must have. They are cheap and allow you to fix those annoying small punctures that should seal (but won’t). Dynaplug needs to get into bike shops better. It can be hard to find the plugs.

Mr. P
6 months ago

Dynaplug is the only plug that lasts the life of the tire. Gold.

Fig Ciocc
Fig Ciocc
6 months ago

Only product that really works on road tubeless. Crazy how much the price goes up though for the products they make for bicycles vs car or motorcycle tires.

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