The all-new Rotor Rex mountain bike crankset line brings plenty of options using their hollow drilled crank arms. All are completely new from the ground up.

Rex 1 is the top of the range. Rex 1.1 is a single chainring set up and the Rex 1.2 is a double. Both have a 163 Q-factor, and it uses larger diameter drilling than they’ve ever done on a MTB crank arm. That, coupled with a new CNC’d 7055 alloy makes them their 2nd lightest crankset in their collection for the 1.1, and the lightest in the mountain bike range.

2014 Rotor Rex mountain bike cranks

Crankset weight is just 489g for a 170 with no chainring or BB. The single chainring weighs about 50g. The double is 505g. Also available in 172.5 and 175 lengths. The Rex 1.2M has their MAS spider that allows for a finer 3° adjustment range for the rot it’s orientation.

Rex 2 uses the same naming scheme for single and double but gets a cold forged 7050 alloy. Cranksets are about 30 grams more than the 1-level.

Both the 1 and 2 series use a 30mm alloy spindle and can be made to fit just about any frame.

The Rex 3.2 and 3.3 are (yep) double and triple chainring set ups. They use a steel 24mm axle.

On all of the doubles, they have a new 110/60 BCD. The 60 BCD lets them drop all the way down to a 20-tooth oval chainring.

2014 Rotor Rex mountain bike cranks

The single chainrings use a proprietary asymmetrical four arm spider and the bolts thread directly into it. The single rings use a narrow/wide tooth pattern and will be available in 28-36 tooth counts (even only) for the oval shapes. They’ll also offer a noQ round single ring in 32t only.


2014 rotor 3D plus road bike cranksets

Their road collection gets simplified to three groups: Flow, 3D+ and 3D. The 3DF goes away as a name, but the 30mm spindle product just gets combined into the standard 3D moniker.

The 3D+ crank is now made with the 7055 alloy, so it’s 24g lighter, and it’s now available as a triple, too. This makes it one of the few high end road triple cranksets. They’ve updated their manufacturing process to improve delivery of the border sizes, making the 155 and 180 cranksets easier to get. They have nine total lengths.

2014 rotor 3D plus road bike cranksets

The chainrings more sizes in the QXL line plus improved graphics to aid in set up. Along with those comes a new Dura-Ace ring (shown) set to fit the asymmetric 9000 series Shimano group. It’ll also fit the latest Ultegra.

Their noQ round rings also get additional sizes.

Pricing on all the new goods expected in September.


  1. Pmurf on

    Well, they’re all still nascars in crank form, but I dare say rotor is getting better at graphic treatments! The new 3d+ arms look great.

  2. Vincent on

    The new BCD is GREAT !

    I read on another site that it allowed a 22T. Is it really a 20T ? This is cool for all mountain 29er riding.

    are 180mm available for mtb ?

    is the power version available for mtb ?

  3. MsC on

    All this wildgrowing number of different BCD’s – wish all different manufacturers could somehow come up with one universal standard.

  4. Tom on

    On the 3D+ Crank Pic why is the chain pin in the wrong spot? Its like that on both cranks if you look close. If it is in the correct spot you only get two out of five ring positions working the way it was designed? All of the other holes appear to be shift pins the way there spaced.

    Have a buddy who had older Rotor cranks. I loved it. Every time he was behind me I knew exactly where he was at. No matter what he or any bike shop did, those things creaked like crazy! He finally gave up on them.

  5. JonH on

    Tom – If you put it on that way round, positions 1, 3 and 5 are available.. Opposite way 2 and 4. The pin can be moved. It’s bolted on.

  6. MTB NOOB on

    What… You get the whole thing, as in crank arms and chainring? To have a single 104 BCD ring, you need the Rex 3.3 right?


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