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EB15: Kali adds new $99 Naka full face helmet, plus EU-only e-bike model

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Most of Kali’s new helmets debuted at PressCamp this summer, including the new aero road lid and more. But there were a couple new ones racked in their Eurobike booth – one for all of us and one aimed mainly at the e-bike market in Europe.

For the global market, the Naka replaces Savara to become their price point full face helmet. Retail is just $99, but weight for a medium is a very respectable 967g.

Unlike the high end, DOT-certified Shiva with a carbon fiber shell, the Naka uses standard EPS construction, not imnolded with the outer shell, but it does get a proprietary visor (as opposed to a catalog item found on so many other budget helmets).


Bigger and new vents at the brow and chin help funnel cold air in, with the upper ones channeling it into shallow grooves inside the shell.


Mesh coverings in the vents prevent intrusion of pointy objects, which is one of the tests full face helmets need to pass.


A PU padding in the chin bar and ample padding throughout the rest of it shoukd keep it comparatively comfortable.



Available later this year.


This one is a Euro only helmet for e-bikes that hit speeds higher than 25km/h. Above that, Germany (and others) require a helmet with the same road-going certification as motorcycle helmets…and a license plate. This one meets this goals while looking like a modern aero road helmet.


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8 years ago

As many cyclists today, definitely roadies, hit speeds way higher than 25 km/h, any improvement in crash protections should be welcome. That is, if it is ridable and not a brick sitting on my head.

8 years ago

Yagil…the jury hasn’t decided on what’s best for cyclists yet. If you KNOW you’re not going to be hit by a car, a motorcycle grade helmet may not protect you from brain damage as well as a bike helmet made to deal with a typical cycling speed impact. Also, my guess is that 25kmh is a direct hit rather than the impact from a cycling crash. If you crash at 50kph, your head doesn’t have a vertical impact speed of 50kph…maybe its only 15kph. The faster you’re going, the slower the vertical impact is likely to be. I’ve shattered quite a few helmets(one at over 50kph), the only crash where I actually felt the impact on my head was when I was hit by a motorcycle and actually fell on the back of my head while riding no more than 10kph(I was slowing down). I stronger helmet may not have dissipated the impact as well as a cycling helmet

8 years ago

Vegan – thanks a lot.
Michalis: I actually have a life, and that’s why I’m very interested in protecting it.

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