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EB17: Random mountain bikes & bits from Sun-Ringle, Konstructive, Carbocage, Flaer & more!

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The mountain bike scene at Eurobike was alive and well, even if it’s being overshadowed by e-bikes and gravel road. For many brands, lines were carried over with the usual spec updates, or they had their bigger launches earlier in the summer. But we still found quite a few goodies, ranging from this Moto Parilla motor assist full suspension fat bike, to an Early Rider that’s clearly not ready to be given up.

The Moto Parilla Carbon cleared Kickstarter with just over €100K last summer, and now it’s a real thing. Nicknamed the SUV of mountain bikes, it takes some serious moto inspiration and turns it into a racy looking overlander.

It actually started life in 2013 as a partnership with Caterham, but that deal dissolved before it could go to production.

While we’re on big things, this NOW8 (no weight, get it?) wide range 12-speed cassette comes in at 298g for an 11-48. It’s made to work with Shimano M8000 11-speed chains and derailleurs, but they have their own 12-speed shifter to go with it…it just wasn’t on hand for photos. It has the same shifting steps (space between cogs) as 11, but with one more gear. This one’s the SL version (foreground), using steel lower cogs with with alloy larger cogs. Retail is €499 (incl VAT) for the shifter and derailleur.

Behind it is the regular version for €290, weighing in at 430g with stainless and alloy cogs.

Splitting the difference is this S-Ride 11-50 cassette at 350g.

It uses a one-piece machined upper section for the top four cogs, forged 7075 that’s CNC’d and hard anodized.

Moving on to normal size things, Konstructive is a 3-year old brand, and this is their first full suspension mountain bike. The Ammolite full carbon frame is their own design, relying on flattened chainstays to absorb some of the suspension forces.

Frame weight is claimed at 1,600g without shock. It’s a race 29er with 100mm of rear wheel travel.

Like more and more bikes we see, it’s made for 1x drivetrains only.

Going smaller still, Early Rider has a massive selection of titanium premium alloy kids bikes, which is an investment. So we totally get why this one’s being maxed out get all the miles (and smiles) they can out of it.

Speaking of getting all the miles you can out of it, the Flaer Revo automatic chain lube system now has a mountain bike specific model for £250.

We’ve covered the Flaer Riva road system since it’s conception and market introduction, but this one differs by getting a larger chain lube reservoir. It holds enough for at least 40 hours of continuous lubing, and you can set the flow rate based on conditions.

They’ve also introduced a Di2 kit with a smaller diameter hose that can easily be run internally along side a Di2 wire, but still deliver the same flow rate. Retail is about $10.

Fastace showed off these alien looking hubs, presumably for mountain bikes based on the axle sizes. No info, just through they were cool looking.

New Sun-Ringle Duroc SD rims are beefed up versions of the Super Duroc, with thicker sidewalls and a little more material throughout. It adds about 50g per rim, available in 27.5 and 29er, with 30, 35, 40 and 50 mm widths.

The changes came about from Bergamont team feedback, making the rims capable of DH and e-Bike use. The 40mm is 550g (27.5″) and 590g (29er).

Kali showed us an earlier sneak peek of their mid-range elbow and knee pads at PressCamp, and now they’re showing off the complete lineup. On the right is a simple padded design for entry level. On the left is the hardshell top models for the most aggressive riders. And in the middle is the soft, flexible but very protective mid-range model. But we’ll have to wait until Interbike to get actual specs and pricing.

Carbocage had a new full carbon fiber bash guard called X1. It mounts via ISCG05 tabs and uses a layered construction to build strength with minimum weight.

It’s available in five sizes, each one corresponding to a specific chainring size, including 28/30/32/34/36 tooth counts. Weights range from 48g to 56g, price is €80.


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6 years ago

These alien hubs are super cool.

6 years ago


Kristi Benedict
6 years ago
Reply to  Adrian

Thanks, Adrian.

6 years ago

I’m amazed at how light that cassette is. I question it’s durability though. Not just wear but ability to stay straight with all that machining

6 years ago
Reply to  Veganpotter

I think that’s just the weight for the add on part, not the whole cassette all together

6 years ago

I dont understand how after so many years of developing bashguards, there are quite few companies making them just one piece, alloy or carbon. These will rip out the isgc bolts on any serious impact. Done and done again from 20+ years. They should be designed like the e-13 / mrp / blackspire version, with two separate parts, the alloy mount and the plastic guard, so the guard breaks on impact. Or are these thing just an accesory?

The thing on the first pic looks cool

Steven Yates
5 years ago

make another video on when you start selling these. I’m ready and waiting

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