Selle Italia’s SP-01 concept saddle is a new take on aerodynamics by eliminating the usual pockets that could trap air under the saddle, or at least slow it down. They did it by having the rails flow into wing like shapes that wrap around to create the perch with a flexible, wide open shape.

It’s the crazier looking saddle concept, but it’s not the lightest…

The floating wing design should provide plenty of suspension, too, making this one concept we hope goes to production.

Selle Italia’s C59 concept takes the SLR Tekno saddle’s shape and cuts away anything unnecessary to bring the weight down to just 59g.

They had to come up with new ways of laying up the carbon fiber to make it strong enough to ride, but the result could be the lightest saddle ever. Now back to the real stuff…


New Novus Superflow gets the maximal relief channel size, splitting the saddle all the way through the nose since this saddle’s shape is for riders that have a lot of pelvic rotation toward the front of the saddle.


The new Nubian ti-railed saddle is aimed at the XC/marathon crowd. It’s a little longer than the Butcher and Nepal introduced last year, but has a longer shape for getting lots of positions during long hours on the bike in varied terrain. There are herringbone anti-slip patches that are really made for wearing baggy shorts rather than Lycra. The tail has the slightest bit of upward tilt. Dimensions are 138x282mm for the large, and a smaller 129x282mm also. Weight is 270g, price is €119.

The vintage range will come in a Nubuk suede cover on the Classic Flite, Turbo and SLR. Look for a blue suede one to make an appearance at Interbike in Vegas.

For TT and Triathlon, there’s now a UCI legal version of the Iron called Kronos. It loses the kick up tail of the Iron to make the top of the saddle flat, but keeps the hexagonal vent in the center channel. Weight is 218g.

The new NET saddles are for the urban crowd and are 100% made by robots without any glue or other toxic materials. All of the parts pop together like Legos, and the cover is digitally printed rather than screen printing.

They’re waterproof, 100% recyclable and don’t smell like a bunch of chemicals. There is EVA foam under the mesh, but they added a natural lavender scent to it. Best part? It’s just €29.

Their IDmatch fit system has done away with the multitude of tools used to measure the body and posture in the past. They’re replaced with the Smart Caliper, which measures hip width, leg circumference and hip flexibility, then it calculates the best saddle sizes and options.


  1. Ripnshread on

    So the grip stuff for MTB is for baggies…but you better be wearing your spandex for those top saddles with the huge cut outs….ouch.

    They need more rubber covers on any part of that tool that will touch the customer. Cold clammy metal pressed against someones skin makes them feel uncomfortable in my experience.

  2. Veganpotter on

    Loving those city bike saddles. I’m very curious about the new split nose road seats too. Love it on my TT bike but haven’t found one that is comfy on my road bike but I’d love it if I could find one

  3. Josh on

    I see a lonely Flite down there. Why is it so hard for Selle Italia to understand that the market is still clamoring for this saddle? We don’t want a new version, or one with a cutout, or one with carbon rails. We want a damn Flite, probably the single most popular saddle in the history of bike racing. Stop dropping a “1990” or “vintage” version, and just sell us the same saddle you sold from 1990-2005.

  4. Fliteteam on

    Seriously, no one else thinks that the SP-01 concept looks like a Space Age bedpan? Or a seat from one of those electronic Japanese toilets that wash and dry your bum?


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