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EB18: Hiplok Spin portable chain belt lock & Hexlox HexThru axle prototypes

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As we nearly close out our Eurobike coverage, let’s link together a couple of prototypes we found walking the show, both looking to secure your bike. Hiplok’s latest Spin chain lock aims to be their easiest security to carry on the bike. And we get a closer look at how the Hexlox modular HexThru axle will actually fit & clamp every bike.

Hiplok Spin lightweight combo belt/chain lock

Hiplok is of course known for locks that you carry on your hips (not just for Hipster locks). And their latest Hiplok Spin concept shows them making the wearable lock even lighter so you are more likely to take it with you, and now you won’t have to remember a key.

The Spin still uses a 6mm hardened steel chain inside the fabric sleeve, and the same adjustable velcro belt system that makes the locks easy to carry. The 6mm chain is the same as their Hiplok Lite (which I use around town in Prague, and is the second lock around my waist above) and means this lock will probably weigh just over 1000g.

The Spin uses a 4 digit, rotating tumbler combination lock which makes for more convenience, but isn’t quite as secure as their standard hasp locks. That means this one gets rated Medium security with 2.5 bars (on Hiplok’s 5 bar scale), putting it half a bar under the Lite.

The Spin looks a little shorter than the Lite wrapped around my waist, but that is because the locking mechanism is inline with the chain, were as on their other locks you need to connect  both ends of the chain with the lock hasp. The Spin will still lock around a 75cm circumference. Like their other combination locks, you can set the combo to any number you want. Then register your unique combo with Hiplok, and if you ever forget it, they will remind you down the road.

The Spin will be available in early 2019 in three colors – fully reflective silver, hi-viz yellow, and stealthy black.

Hiplok Airlok Connect smartphone control locking wall bike rack

Another product coming next year will be an App-connected version of their Airlok locking bike wall hanger rack. With a wireless-enabled locking pin, you will be able to lock and unlock your bike with a smartphone. Again no more keys to carry with you.


Hexlox HexThru modular bolt on thru-axle

We got an overview of the new HexThru when it was unveiled first at the start of July, but it wasn’t immediately clear how the modular, universal axle would fit different thread pitches and differing hub spacing. That last bit still remains a little bit mysterious, even though we were given a demonstration and got to play with it ourselves.

But as to how to fit all thread pitches, Hexlox just has three main axles – front 15mm, front 12mm & rear 12mm. And each one will come with the two-sided threaded ends that will work with two different thread pitches. 15mm fronts look like they only have M14x1.5 & M15x1.5 threading to deal with so they get one end. 12mm has more variation so they will include two interchangeable ends to cover M12x1, M12x1.5 & M12x1.75. Hexlox may end up having you pick one or the other, but at the start will likely just ship two ends with each 12mm axle.

The length of the front axles will work for standard or Boost spacing, the rears for standard or Boost spacing and enough adjustment to work no matter how thick the frame and threads are. Above is an example of a kit to replace the stock 12×142 QR thru-axle (top). The main axle (middle) then has one of the two threaded ends (below) attached before you simply screw it into your bike.

Because of the two-phase threading inside the threaded end, it automatically adjusts to you bike’s axle spacing as you screw it into place. The little silver expander you can see on the end of the main axle above is essentially what sets the length the first time you install it in the bike, after which it just threads in and out like a simple bolt on thru-axle.

The universal HexThru isn’t yet in production (these are all prototypes above), but you can pre-order them now at a discount with delivery expected sometime in October 2018.


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5 years ago

do you know the weight?

5 years ago

Jesus they made those axles complicated. Robert axle project seems like a cleaner simpler solution. A treated bar with hex key fitting at one end.

5 years ago
Reply to  Bmx

The idea is obviously to not have to stock 30-50 different size for a shop
and to always have what the customers needs. The design I really like though,
it give them a more race look :-)!

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