If you’ve been wanting to try Zwift but your Android devices have left you out in the cold, we have some good news. Zwift is now available for Android devices. Technically, it’s still in Beta mode which means there’s a high chance of some bugs, but at least they’re moving in the right direction.

EB18: Zwift opens Adroid Beta program, teases new Innsbruck and New York courses

Why has it taken so long? We’re told that when it comes to developing the program, it’s far easier to develop it to work properly on Apple’s relatively small family of devices compared to the massive amount of Android devices across the world. What works well on an android device in the U.S., might not work at all on a device in Spain. Because of that, it’s taken the team a lot longer to work out the bugs, but they’re getting closer all the time. And as of early July, the Beta version of the Android app is available to the public.

EB18: Zwift opens Adroid Beta program, teases new Innsbruck and New York courses EB18: Zwift opens Adroid Beta program, teases new Innsbruck and New York courses

Already have an account but want more courses? You’ll still have to wait, but more are on the way. First up is the new 2018 road World Championships course in Innsbruck to Tirol Austria.

Further down the line is a new course through New York City through what looks to be Central Park. This one is a bit more hush hush, but we know it’s on the way.

Finally, it’s that time again for Zwift Academy. Enrollment is open now and will close on August 19th. Once the program starts on August 6th, you must complete 10 workouts, 4 group rides, and 2 races to graduate. That may sound easy, but in 2017 only 13.5% of men and 25.5% of women graduated. The 8 week program will allow one woman to join the Canyon//SRAM Pro team and one U23 man to join the Team Dimension Data development squad once it’s all over. 


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3 years ago

Given how buggy the Android companion app is, it’s not news that they struggle with android development. Last winter/trainer season, you should only allow every other update, because they’d alternate between breaking everything and making it work again; all with no improved functionality.

3 years ago

New York/Central park was announced on the ‘Zwift Hype’ Facebook page back in mid-June. The map’s assets are hidden in the game code and this new world appears to have a futuristic vibe. Lots of other goodies are hidden in the game waiting to be implemented. Unlockable items are starting to get assigned XP values for the upcoming marketplace that will replace level 26+ coming in August-ish. Zwift Hype!

3 years ago

How many of us are going to get a huge boost in level once the new levels hit? I hope they look at the highest of users and put the cap above that. I’d be a bit disappointed if I had say 15k miles on zwift (I don’t I only have 4500) and immediately hit the cap once the update hit. I think it needs to be somewhere around 50k miles or 100k miles even.