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Electronically Heated Mountain Bike Grips from A’ME

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SEA OTTER CLASSIC 2010 – A’ME debuted their Ergo Tri heated mountain bike grips, battery powered electronically controlled grips that warm up your hands to keep dexterity and control at a maximum.

If you’ve ridden in the cold, you know your fingers can tighten up, making grab-the-brake-lever reaction time a little slower than the situation may require.  A’ME’s solution is to hear the grips up, and they say it works best on carbon bars because they don’t transfer heat like aluminum.  In other words, all the heat goes to your hands rather than heating up the bars, which extends battery life considerably considering they’re electronically controlled to maintain one of six preset temperature settings.

Check out all the details, pricing and more pics behind the jump…


There’s most everything you want to know.  Pricing is perhaps the real sticking point on these…they’re $320 for the complete kit or $130 for just the grips.  If you already have a similarly rated battery pack for lights, they make an adapter that’ll split the cord to work with these, saving you some of the expense.


The little button next to the blue light turns it on and off, and the blue light lets you know it’s heating up.


The battery pack mounts to your stem or top tube.  Hands on, they felt pretty warm, and they would probably keep your hands toasty on winter rides, but at current pricing, you’d have to be pretty hardcore or racing the IditaBike to justify them.  Of course, you could just ride with your hands in your pockets.

The A’ME Ergo heated grips also fit motocross, snowmobile and ATV bars, and they lockon with small bolts, making them easy to swap around.  So, you could theoretically get more bang for your buck if you have a lot of winter riding toys.

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