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Elite Training Desk puts laptop, tablet & phone in reach, all wires tucked out of the way

Elite Training Desk multi-purpose indoor training gadget table, Eurobike
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The new adjustable Elite Training Desk provides a secure platform to keep electronics and training fuel within reach, while you focus on chasing personal bests in Watopia. Using solid materials and construction, the adaptable design should work with whatever you ride inside, while still managing to fold out of the way when not in use. Plus, with the best management of all the power cords needed to keep your gadgets running, the Elite Training Desk looks like the most well-thought-out method to tidy up your virtual riding setup…

Elite Training Desk multi-purpose indoor training gadget table

Elite Training Desk multi-purpose indoor training gadget table, complete Elite indoor training setup
images c. Elite

When we saw Elite introduce their new Rizer front wheel mount to better simulate climbing, descending & steering for more realistic indoor workouts, it was clear they were going beyond elite-level trainers, and fully embracing interactivity. But while the images that came with the Rizer launch included the basic Elite Posà stand that could hold your tablet, truly immersive training requires more gadgets these days.

Now, Elite’s premium smart trainers get just the extra gadget they were waiting for… a full-featured folding Training Desk that holds all of the interactive electronics you need for virtual riding, and does a great job of cable management, too!

Tech Details

Elite Training Desk multi-purpose indoor training gadget table, phone & laptop

The painted steel and oiled bamboo construction of the Training Desk repurposes the premium style of the Elite Tuo smart trainer, following along a similar design idea of being a quality piece of furniture that won’t look out of place in your house, even when you aren’t spinning your legs on a trainer.

From the top, you get a wide 70 x 40cm natural bamboo table surface with a smooth, easy-to-clean finish. A matching bamboo smartphone & tablet support has two differently angled slots, so you can position your device perfectly. Then a couple of  grippy anti-slip pads keep your laptop or smart devices from sliding around as you hammer on the pedals.Elite Training Desk multi-purpose indoor training gadget table, stand

Designed to provide a secure base for all of your sensitive electronics during your indoor cycling workouts, the Elite Training Desk features a solid tubular steel frame construction, plus one wooden leg (like a pirate.) It uses a 3-point layout so it should remain stable even on irregular surfaces, and gets swivel caster wheels so you can reposition it slightly, even while in the saddle.

Table height is widely adjustable, from 75-120cm, so you should be able to dial in the perfect setup whether riding a trainer with the front wheel on or off. And a max load rating of 20kg (44lb) should be plenty for laptops, tablets, phones, water bottles, and training snacks.

Elite Training Desk multi-purpose indoor training gadget table, wires


Besides stable construction, the Elite Training Desk’s standout feature is internal cable management. Sure, fully internal cable routing is the most popular buzzword in bikes these days, but keeping the power cables for all of you gadgets out of the way of spinning trainer parts is just as important.

Underneath the bamboo desktop, a wide & deep compartment provides plenty of room to add your own power strip (not included from Elite). A cutout cover in the top hides the tangle of wires, with probably enough space to add chargers for your other bike-related gadgets as well.

Power cables go external along the support column, so it’s not fully wireless (kinda like new Dura-Ace & Ultegra Di2), but Elite supplies Velcro straps for good external cable management, too.

Elite Training Desk multi-purpose indoor training gadget table, folded away

The simple 2-legged, 3-point layout folds down to a small footprint to push the Training Desk to the side when not in use (but the wooden leg snaps securely into place, so it shouldn’t collapse unexpectedly.) Or you can also quickly and easily break it down further for totally flat storage when not in use for a longer time.

Elite Training Desk – Pricing & availability

Elite Training Desk multi-purpose indoor training gadget table, Eurobike

The multi-purpose indoor training gadget table retails for $400 / 300€ from Elite and their global dealer network. The trick is trainers and trainer accessories are in unprecedented demand still, with no foreseeable end in sight. The Elite Training Desk should be available now or in the next couple of months, but you’ll likely have to hunt for it!


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2 years ago

You know a bicycle accessories brand did pretty much everything they can when they start releasing a table.

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