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Enduro Linear Press Bearing Tool Promises Perfect Hub & Suspension Bearing Replacements

enduro linear press bearing tool for suspension and hub bearings

There are wood blocks and rubber hammers on one end of the spectrum, and then there’s this. The new Enduro Linear Press Bearing Service Toolset uses industrial CNC machine designs to deliver perfectly straight installs of the smaller bearings in hubs and suspension linkages.

The kit comes with two lengths of threaded rods, which use an Acme thread design. Normally found on CNC presses where perfectly straight movement is required under pressure, the threads have a 29º pitch and are wider and deeper than the standard V-shaped threads.

The bearing presses spin on needle bearings over stainless steel nuts, so they won’t be affected by the twisting of the handles as you tighten things into place. It comes with two short handles and two long handles that slide over the nut. Mix and match as needed to work around tight spots, or use a 15mm (or 5/8″) wrench or socket on the nuts. There’s even an Allen wrench socket on the ends if you prefer those. MSRP is $299 and it comes with a soft storage bag that doubles as a saddle bag.


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7 months ago

Think its best have a cone shape on one side to get things started, it self-centres

6 months ago
Reply to  Nash

That’s fine when the opposite side of the bore is receiving a reamer/facer, because the amount of pressure being applied is not that great. But it’s inappropriate for a bearing press, because the amount of pressure needed to seat bearings can be enough that a conical tool would deform the hole it’s pressing into. Gotta apply that pressure on a plane, not on a circle.

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