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Enter Contest, Start Your Own Bamboo Bicycle Company, Save the Earth

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A while back we posted about Bamboo Bike Studio in Brooklyn, NYC, that helps you build your own bamboo bicycle in a weekend. Meanwhile, a group called Project M was importing cheap steel frames and selling them for $100 as a “membership card” in Nada Bike that you could then build up using parts laying around your garage…which we all have plenty of.

They sold out quickly, and just as they were about to reorder, chance put them in touch with Marty at BBS and they decided to take an even greener approach. In a nutshell, here’s the deal: Word is, the U.S. imports almost all of our bamboo from China despite having many regions capable of growing a butt load of i. It grows quickly with no pesticides, fertilizer and minimal water, and it soaks up a large amount of CO2 in the process. Now, Nada Bike has partnered with BBS and Booshoot to grow commercial crops of Alabamboo in Alabama.

The first crops are scheduled to be ready for bike building this summer, and here’s the opportunity: You can submit a video at Common.is/mba and be considered to start a new social venture (aka: business), deadline is April 10, 2011. Want to change the world but you’re not sure where to start? Here ya go. Oh, and we got word of this via FearLess Cottage, which was started by Alex Bogusky of subservient chicken fame, which means the people involved are probably quite committed to their causes and always interested in talented, passionate people. It never hurts to get involved with people like that.

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Jason Lombard
Jason Lombard
13 years ago

FWIW, Alex is a passionate cycling enthusiast himself (is currently involved with the B-cycle urban bicycle sharing program), and was also the mind behind the US relaunch of the MINI brand back in 2002.

13 years ago

Whilst bamboo is an amazing grass, we can grow it here and do. Please tell me the carbon footprint of the production of this frame, and the amount of fuel it took to ship this frame to NY from whothefuckknows china. A green bike make from toxic resin and bamboo… good thing is if you break a tube, you can cut it out and epoxy in another.

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