For much of the Western United States, the first weekend of summer was a scorcher. But in Ogden, Utah, nothing was hotter than the 36 custom-engineered, hand-built and tuned bicycles flocking ENVE Composite’s HQ. Last month, ENVE hosted the 2021 ENVE Builder Round-Up and Grodeo, its third annual handbuilt show/gravel riding event, a two-part weekend that brings together some of the world’s best and brightest bike enthusiasts.

Mosaic Cycles

Mosaic Cycles – Boulder, Colorado

Tomii Cycles

Tomii Cycles – Austin, Texas

Rock Lobster

Rock Lobster, Santa Cruz, California

The ENVE Builders Round-Up took place on Saturday, June 25, and celebrated a select group of low-key renowned custom builders by showcasing their most prized custom builds. The result was a taste-making, earth-shaking, dust-raking open house flowing with live music, good food, and local beer.

Allied Cycle Works

Allied Cycle Works – Bentonville, Arkansas

ENVE’s event, originally created to showcase the cycling company’s own innovations, quickly grew into something of a bespoke World’s Faire for the adventure cycling community. Vendors from across the States and several continents rounded out the Round-Up.

ENVE Builders Round-Up: Bingham Built

Bingham Built – Steamboat Springs, Colo.


Sycip – Santa Rosa, California

And while we can’t fit a shot of every gorgeous steed at the ENVE Builder Round-Up in one post, we’ve listed each custom builder on tap at the event below. For the whole host of photos, check out ENVE’s gallery here.

ENVE Builder Round-Up: Firefly Bicycles

Firefly Bicycles – Boston, Massachusetts

Enve Builder Round-Up: Retrotec

Retrotec – Napa, California

ENVE Builder Round-Up Participants

  • 44 Bikes – Lyndeboro, New Hampshire
  • Alliance – Hailey, Idaho
  • Allied Cycle Works – Bentonville, Arkansas
  • Argonaut – Bend, Oregon
  • Bingham Built – Steamboat Springs, Colorado
  • Breadwinner – Portland, Oregon
  • Chumba – Austin, Texas
  • English Cycles – Eugene, Oregon
  • ENVE – Ogden, Utah
  • Falconer Cycles – Quincy, California
  • Festka – Prague, Czech Republic
  • FiftyOne – Dublin, Ireland
  • Firefly Bicycles – Boston, Massachusetts
  • Holland Cycles – La Mesa, California
  • Horse Cycles – Brooklyn, New York
  • Low Bicycles – San Francisco, California
  • Mariposa – Toronto, Canada
  • Moots Cycles – Steamboat Springs, Colorado
  • Mosaic Cycles – Boulder, Colorado
  • Naked Bicycles – Quadra Island, Canada
  • No. 22 – Johnstown, New York
  • Pine Cycles – Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Prova Cycles – Victoria, Australia
  • Pursuit Cycles – Bozeman, Montana
  • Retrotec – Napa, California
  • Ritte – Santa Monica, California
  • Rock Lobster – Santa Cruz, California
  • Sage Titanium Bicycles – Beaverton, Oregon
  • SaltAir Cycles – Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Scarab Cycles – Antioquia, Colombia
  • Sklar – Bozeman, Montana
  • Speedvagen – Portland, Oregon
  • Spooky Cycle Works – Phoenix, Arizona
  • Sycip – Santa Rosa, California
  • Tomii Cycles – Austin, Texas
  • Weis – Brooklyn, New York
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This helps make up for no 2021 NAHBS.