Video games are a sport, right? Well, they’re apparently esports anyway. Now, those esports are about to gain another formal professional league – only one with a lot more involved in terms of actual ‘sport’.

After years of using the platform to search for the next pro cyclist, Zwift is launching their first ever Pro Cycling League. The new KISS Super League includes four UCI Continental Teams with Team WIGGINS Le Col, Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes, Hagens Berman Axeon, and Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka U23. The first race is set to take place in London on January 23rd, at a special launch event.

However, the racing won’t be limited to just the pro men. The league will be announcing an elite women’s league, amateur leagues, and more men’s pro teams in the near future. Just how exactly the racing and league will be structured remains to be seen, but Zwift CEO and Co-Founder, Eric Min, had this to say, ““We have big plans for Zwift and esports. We’ve
been consulting with the cycling industry and there’s a lot of excitement around what we have planned for next year. I can’t wait for people to know everything we have planned but for now, you’ll just have to wait and see!”


  1. Bob on

    I feel really sorry for these teams’ wheel sponsors. Not much air time. Unless they make in game wheels. then it might be perfect since they wont have to actually deliver any product to the teams.

    • Collin S on

      There are “in game wheels” that have ranking on aero vs climbing/weight. However, I’m sure that Zipp vs lightweight or Enve would all say their wheel should be the fastest in the game while the other guys are bad because….

  2. Quan on

    Maybe Zwift will actually have a real race platform with the ability to view results, mandatory upgrades, and spectating? Because right now it’s half baked with the third party trying to take up the slack.

    • Longbeard on

      I absolutely agree. The other day I wanted to watch my buddy race while I did a workout. I had to actually log in and sign up for his race on my ipad while doing my workout on my PC. I actually stayed with the C’s most of the race which was funny but still…That’s dumb. I should be able to just go to my friend list and watch someone race.

    • VazzedUp on

      Maybe they can enable heckling and spectator gear so we can all dress up in speedos and scream drunken insults as riders roll past?


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