Following in the wake of their XCX cranks, the World’s lightest production carbon cranks, e*thirteen are ready to roll out two all-new lightweight carbon XCX Wheels for Cross Country and Trail mountain biking. Though we note the absence of any show-stopping “world’s lightest” claims, these two wheelsets are still light enough to get you weight weenies excited. The two 29″ wheelsets launching today are the IW24 Wheelset weighing in at a claimed 1,350g, and the IW28 Wheelset, weighing in at a claimed 1,520g. Let’s take a look at these new rims, and the new threadless axle hubs they’re laced to.

e*thirteen XCX wheel sets



The XCX IW28 rims are best suited to seat 2.1-2.4″ Wide Tyres

The new carbon XCX Wheels from e13 are intended as race worthy for both Cross Country and Trail mountain biking. The XC Wheelset has an internal rim width of 24mm while the Trail Wheelset has an internal rim width of 28mm, and both come with a lifetime warranty. Symmetrical rims are connected to the hub by the alloy nipples and washers of 28 triple butted spokes; DT Swiss Revolution on the IW24, and DT Swiss Comp Race on the IW28. The 28mm rim weighs in at a claimed 380g (+/- 15g) while the 24mm rim has a claimed weight of 340g (+/- 15g).


Both XCX Wheels rotate about an e13 hub and freehub with a new threadless aluminium axle design which reduces the system weight. Knurled end caps mean the axle can be tightened by hand. These boost spacing machined aluminium hubs offer a 6-degree engagement, compatible with XD or Microspline driver.


The e13 XCX wheel hubs use the 6-bolt disc design, rather than centre-lock

Pricing & Availability

e13 are selling each wheel separately, rather than as a set. The IW24 and IW28 front wheels roll in with a price of $809 and $719, respectively. The rear wheels will set you back slightly more at $990 and $880, with XD or Microspline driver. All are available now, along with the rest of the e13 XCX range, direct from e13.


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