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Euro-bites 2017: First day finds from Silca, Connex, KCNC, Kindernay, Sahmurai Sword & more!

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The Silca T-Ratchet and Ti Torque Kit are a popular item, but they’re about to get better. The design pairs a torque “wrench” cylinder with their magnetically connecting T-handle and bit set. Piece it together into either the T-Handle shape or an L-shape for more leverage, then use the necessary bit to tighten to torque. Currently, the torque cylinder clicks into the handle with a C-clip…but they are planning to change that to a magnetic connection, just like the handle bits use, so it’ll feel uniform across all parts.

silca t-handle torque wrench updates for 2018

The other update will be refined laser etching of the Torque settings. Wrapped around the cylinder in three different spots are three different measurements. This gives you easy view of the numbers by spacing them out, but still shows a wide range of Nm forces from 2 to 8 Nm. It works by increasing torque as you twist to tighten the bolt, gradually moving the indicator on the silver bit head to line up with the numbers. To improve accuracy, the lines are more distinct, and they’re laser etched while the part is being torqued on a calibration machine. So, there’s no estimation of where to etch the lines, they’re not lasered into the read ano until the tool is actually torqued to that exact specification.


Connex by Wippermann chains has a new fully synthetic chain lube that’s also fully biodegradable. It has a child-resistant lid covering a slim applicator tip, helping you apply only what’s needed and not overdoing it.


If you’re looking for a minimalist power meter hub, the Cyber Motions model took home a Taiwan Excellence award this year for its design. It works via strain gauges inside the hub shell, like you’d expect, but the exterior finish has already received an update with full black ano between the straight pull spoke flanges. J-bend is also available, with both options available for road or mountain bikes. The latter get 6-bolt disc brake rotor mounts.

The hub is good for 100 hours or more of riding per charge. When it’s time to top it off, just flick the magnetic charging cable toward the waterproof port and it’ll virtually connect itself.

What was even more interesting was this prototype that left the strain gauges inside the shell like normal, but put all of the transmitter and other electronics inside a swappable outer ring. Theoretically, this lets you put together multiple wheels for less expense, then just plug in the brains on whatever bike you want to ride.


If you follow Bikerumor on Instagram and Twitter, you saw video of this in action today…worth a look. Fulchee is mainly an OEM manufacturer, so don’t expect this for sale aftermarket. Unless someone licenses the design, which we’re hoping they will. Here’s why:

The lever slides out of the axle and rotates down to give you leverage for removing or tightening the axle into place. Once finished, just flip it back up and slide it in. The end snugly fits into the cap so it won’t rattle loose while riding. The benefit is two-fold: There’s no protruding lever to get kicked or knocked loose, and you won’t need to dig out a tool to loosen it like other stealth thru axles. They’re making them for mountain bike, fat bike and road disc, with claimed weights around 48g (front) and 64g (rear).


The new KCNC AM Trap pedal and XC Trap pedals use an SPD-compatible design, but put the brand’s usual colorful flair on them. The AM pedal has a one-sided clip in with a mini flat pedal on the other side. Claimed weight is 164g per pedal, price is €75. The XC Trap comes in at 144g per pedal and retails for €85. They spin with needle and ball bearings on a chromoly spindle.


Kindernay is an upstart that’s putting the finishing touches on their 14-speed internally geared hubs. But where are they, you ask? That hub shell is empty?

That’s because it’s modular, letting you set up multiple wheels and shifter sets to work with the same gear cluster.

It’s shifted with two flat bar thumb levers, one on each side of the handlebar. The left trigger goes up in difficulty, the right one shifts to an easier gear. It’s a sequential shifting, with 13.9% steps at each gear.

It’s available with 13 to 18 tooth cogs, and wheels from 20″ to 29er.

They offer hub shells for regular mountain bikes and fat bikes, with 135×10, 142×12, 148×12, 190×10, and 197×12 axle options.

Claimed weights are 1,398g for the XIV hub (the part with the gears), 99g for the SWAP shell, and 365g for the shifter system. Pricing is TBD, and they expect to have it in production around the end of the year.


Sahmurai S.W.O.R.D. is a tire plug system that hides inside your handlebar. The system comes with a few plug strips, same ideas as the ones sold for your car tires, with the two tools integrated into individual bar plugs. Slide it into your handlebar and twist to tighten so they stay in place. Should you puncture your tire and catch it quick enough, they say you can stop, cover the hole with your finger until you get the tool out, plug the hole, and be back on your way…possibly without really needing to add more air.

This system has been around for a couple years, so the news here is that they’re finally prepping to come to the USA now that a few patent applications are dry, and that they’re refined the bar plug design so it’s easier to stow the system and make it UCI legal for races (they kinda frown upon sharp pointy things going in your jersey pocket). Retail is around $30.



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6 years ago

I’d love to see the friction on the IG hub. It’s quite light for what it is and I’m wondering how much you need to back off when shifting.

6 years ago

I designed a thru axle with hollow lever a few years ago.
Happy to see a manufacturer produce one.
I’m sure that others brand will design this kind of lever.

Dee Eight
Dee Eight
6 years ago

FULCHEE THRU AXLE w/ HIDDEN LEVER ….. aka the Rock Shox Tullio axle as used on Psylo forks with 20mm dropouts, SIXTEEN YEARS AGO !!!

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