Xcite carbon fiber mountain bike suspension fork

Seems my “miscellaneous” folder from Eurobike knows no bounds. Here, a collection of random bits that (mostly) quality as awesome.

Above, the Xcite carbon fiber fork from German:A with some rather interesting dropouts. This was sitting in CarbonTi’s booth as a showpiece for their chainrings and such, but it’s quite the work itself. Note the centreally placed brake arch over the wheel, then click on through to see more features and other goodies…

Xcite carbon fiber mountain bike suspension fork

German:A wanted to create the stiffest telescoping fork possible. To do that, they created a muscle/tendon like structure for the bridge and wrapped everything around 36mm stanchions. There are several versions available, the lightest (at 100mm travel) comes in at just 2.86lbs (1,298g).

Xcite carbon fiber mountain bike suspension fork

Another unique feature is the straight dropouts. Rather than put the tabs in front of the stanchions, which creates offset pressure on the stanchions and can hurt performance, these put the axle directly inline with the telescoping movement. Also check out the ramped dial that changes internal damping ever so slightly. All in all, pretty trick.

Veloboy bike trailer for SUV and minivan internal storage and transportation that doubles as a workstand

The Veloboy is a removable, rolling bike “rack” for the inside of your SUV or minivan. The front section holds adjustable fork mounts while the rear punched metal tray lets the tires sit on something other than your carpet. There are three widths available, but all have small roller wheels on the front and a flip-over rod that doubles as both a pull handle to slide the unit out of the car and a leg to stand the rear of the tray on. The latter feature lets you roll it most of the way out and use it as a workstand. As the blue version in the background (on the right) demonstrates, it works as a stand out of the car, too, and makes for easy wheeled transport of up to three bikes kind of like a dolly.

Veloboy bike trailer for SUV and minivan internal storage and transportation that doubles as a workstand

Check them out at Veloboy.de.

Farhar Agent ipad bicycle bag that mounts on your top tube and converts to a messenger bag

The Farhar Agent is an iPad bicycle bag that holds your precious tablet (of any brand) under your top tube then converts to a messenger bag/murse -or as Seinfeld would have called it, a European Carry All- for non-riding transport. Say what you will, I’m actually pretty enamored with this thing and totally want one.

Maloja clothing eurobike booth rolling grill on all terrain wheels

Maloja clothing is nice and all – really nice, actually – but their all terrain rolling gas grill stole the show in their booth, and it was a helluva booth. I’m already sketching out plans for my own conversion.

Tested on Human colored chainring bolts for bicycles

OK, this one, I have no idea. I snapped the pic while trying to find a frosty, refreshing beverage and don’t remember what booth. Google searching has gotten me nowhere, so if anyone knows who does these, leave a comment. They’re super cool and came in virtually any color you could think of…this is only a small closeup of an entire wall of them.


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