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EuroBike Recap – Part 1

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A big thanks to Carlton Reid of Quickrelease.tv for sharing his pics from Eurobike with us!

Shown above is Kona’s new Electric Ute bicycle.  It forgoes the front disc brake for what appears to be a regenerative dynamo motor.  Other than that, the frame looks the same as their people-powered Ute.

Hit ‘more’ for lots more photos of shiny new things!

New clothing from X-Bionic that supposedly makes your sweat work for you.  Their SpaceFrame technology maintains an air gap inside the clothing to keep air circulating and vent moist air, helping to reduce moisture buildup even on damp days..

Kona’s not the only one with a new electric bicycle.  The new Storck Multitask not only has a pretty sizeable rear motor hub, but check out that fork…fattest fork ever!

Oribike, designed by former UK F1 driver Jon Whyte, was showing this new compact folding bike called the Surpaz.  Check out the front brake mount…if only there were disc brake tabs, you could likely run larger tires when you were not traveling with it.  Here’s how small they fold up:

Speaking of folding bikes, here’s the YikeBike we just posted ’bout…all folded up.  Click to enlarge and check out the rear wheel tucked inside the larger front wheel…carbon fiber tri-spoke!

Scott’s getting into the high-end commuter segment…which can only help the category and likelihood that more people get into using bikes as transportation.  Called the Sportster, it’s got some very nice color-matched fenders and integrated rack.

Another (extremely) high end bike is this nice white-tired full carbon RC hardtail decked out with pretty much all the lightest XC parts available: SRAM XX, Ritchey WCS (including wheels) and Schwalbe tires.  Oh, and Scott’s not known for making heavy frames

Used had this cool flask accessory, but probably the worst name ever in terms of online searchability.  The URL on the chainstay on the bike is just barely illegible, and try searching “used bikes” online.  Yeah.  We found it, though… it’s www.used-hq.com

More photos and bikes from Eurobike coming later today…

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