We’ve all heard about Everesting attempts and new records by now, right? But it’s probably also safe to say that the vast majority of cyclists -myself included- wouldn’t even imagine trying it ourselves. But now virtual riding & training platform RGT Cycling has partnered with Everesting.cc to make indoor Everesting attempts count… and make them more palatable. It also means you can try to “Rise Up” from the comfort of your home trainer, while helping to support World Bicycle Relief. You can help even if you want to spread out your Everest over the whole month…

Virtual indoor Everesting on RGT for World Bicycle Relief

RGT Cycling virtual indoor Everesting for World Bicycle Relief, in game view

Climb 8,848m or 29,029ft from the comfort (aka… painful convenience) of your home trainer. The free-to-use virtual training platform RGT Cycling makes it possible, thanks to official endorsement from the people who brought us (cursed us with?) the concept of Everesting attempts. That makes RGT the second place online where you can earn an official Everesting record, together with Zwift.

RGT Cycling virtual cycling next level freemium indoor cycling & virtual training

RGT Ventoux

Any ride completed on RGT in December will add to your climbing tally, spreading the 8848m over a more accessible timeframe.

Where can you climb that much in a virtual environment? Well, RGT has a couple of free immersive climbing tracks, including the 25.5km long Mt. Ventoux, the twisty classic Stelvio, the seaside Cap de Formentor, or even the Belgian classic cobbled Paterberg if you want to do more laps.

RGT Cycling virtual indoor Everesting for World Bicycle Relief, details

But to make the idea of Everesting seem reasonable to normal humans, RGT is letting you spread out your attempt over an entire month-long challenge, with the aim of raising funds to support World Bicycle Relief throughout the month of December.

With the challenge, RGT isn’t actually giving any money directly to WBR, instead providing a platform to raise awareness and try to get you to fundraise. Cyclists who join the campaign get their own WBR fundraising page, and are encouraged to drum up financial support from friends in family while they tackle the 8848m – whether in one ride or over the entire month.

RGTcycling.com/Everesting & give.WorldBicycleRelief.org

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