With a claimed weight under 700g with disc brakes, Factor’s newest O2 VAM makes climbing mountains easier and takes lightweight carbon road bikes one step further – especially for light disc brake bikes. Factor’s lightest production model yet, the new VAM optimizes their original O2 pro race bike, improving it in almost every way…

Factor O2 VAM ultralight <700g disc brake road bike frame

Named for Velocità Ascensionale Media (translation: mean speed of ascent) used to compare how fast a cyclist can climb, the O2 VAM is definitely a light road bike. But Factor touts the low-mass VAM as a comfortable all-rounder road bike, both up and down the sides of mountains. That might also make it Factor’s most well-rounded road bike, delivering the precise handling and connected ride feel you expect from a premium race bike like the original WorldTour proven O2, the comfort of an endurance road bike like the ViSTA, but more a hundred grams lighter than either.

A lot of that uncompromising weight loss comes down to more refined carbon production methods on the O2 VAM with new compression molding techniques. Factor have developed more “intricately detailed internal mandrels” that allow more precise placement of the carbon material. And with “vastly more powerful compaction” they don’t use much excess resin or fiber, making for a lighter frame with better stiffness and an improved strength-to-weight ratio.

Inside, new TeXtreme, Nippon Graphite pitch & boron fibers are mixed in with more conventional carbon to balance high stiffness and the same rider comfort of their endurance bike.


Outside the O2 VAM looks to share the same basic shaping as the original O2, with an oversized downtube paired with tiny seat stays & tapered fork legs. Plus, it shares the same road race-ready geometry.

Kinda the same, only better

Despite appearances, there are some small improvements tucked in there, like wider clearance for up to 30mm tires (born directly out of WorldTour racing). The VAM also gets improved internal cable routing, and better integration through the new Black Inc bar+stem.

The asymmetric bottom bracket got reshaped in the process too, for a bit of extra drivetrain stiffness, even around bigger tires.

And the seat tube and seatpost were lightened for more compliance under the rider.

Like the standard O2, it’s available for whichever braking style you prefer – rim brake bikes use direct mount brake calipers & QR wheels, while the disc brake model features flat mounts & 12mm thru-axles.

On top of a light frame itself, Factor have put together a complete chassis for the O2 VAM with a pretty standard set of components – nothing exotic or overly weight weenie here. Factor doesn’t sell complete bikes, but rather an extended frame kit that includes frame and fork, plus a CeramicSpeed internal headset & bottom bracket, their own Black Inc one-piece bar & stem combo, and a Black Inc. seatpost. Both frame kits are compatible with mechanical or electronic drivetrains, and have a bolt on front derailleur hanger.

Pricing & availability

The new O2 VAM chassis is available now through your local Factor dealer for $5,500, in both rim brake & disc brake versions – and in six stock frame sizes (49-61cm).

Factor isn’t very clear if there are differences at all between the rim & disc brake bikes in terms of weight or geometry – listing one set of specs for both – less than 700g for either frame. The O2 VAM is all about shaving grams, so not a lot of paint here – the bike features a matte raw UD carbon finish, with just a touch of gloss black & red logos and detailing.



  1. djconnel on

    Tour magazine rates bikes only on the combined system weight: frame + fork + headset bearings + BB bearings. This is the relevant stats, and since disc bikes tend to have stiffer, heavier forks, I wonder how it compares to, for example, the Canyon Ultimate or Cannondale Evo.

  2. Dave on

    Have had the Factor 02 for a year and it is amazing. They really have done an awesome job. The ride quality is everything I could hope it would be. With this new VAM maybe it’s time to get a disc road bike.

    • Jose on

      Hi Dave, interested in getting your feedback on the actual feeling of riding your 02. Waiting for my VAM to arrive but it’s always good to get other riders comments. Does it descent well? Do you “trust” it when going at high speeds? Thanks!

    • Cory Benson on

      @Bob, that is the frame-only weight. But I would guess that some of those complete bikes are going to end up under 7kg too.

  3. Matthew Kwiatkowski on

    I have the o2 since New Years and love it.
    Just got the new VAM frame and will build it soon.
    Will let all you know if there is a significant improvement in the feel of it.


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