Kitsbow had the industry in a stitch when they moved their headquarters from California to Old Fort, North Carolina. Housed inside an old hosiery factory, they’re well on their way to hitting their goal of manufacturing 95% of Kitsbow clothing inside the USA.

Perhaps just as interesting, their location sits directly along one of the most popular cycling routes in the area. Look up Old Fort, NC, on Strava and you’ll find a massive heat map right there. So Kitsbow’s building out a full shop with restaurant and…brewery! It’ll have parking, a bike wash, and more, letting you start and stop your rides at a safe location, then finish at the new Ride House for food and bevvies with friends!

In this video, CEO David Bilstrom walks us through their new home and shows how they’ve incorporated the Toyota Method into their production line. This means each worker brings a piece all the way through the manufacturing process, and garments are virtually made to order. This means little waste, no excess inventory, and very, very few errors.

It starts with a quick look at their warehouse, then quickly heads upstairs to show how everything is made.

At the end, David shows us what’s coming in Summer 2020, which is going to change the face of Old Fort, NC’s cycling scene! We can’t wait!


  1. GMAndres aka CaptainCoyote on

    I have to admit…..I am impressed. Call it 25 years of experience and observation skill as a backcountry wildlife-resource Law Enforcement Officer…..often patrolling alone…..I noticed right away that gorgeous plaid shirt you are wearing was the same plaid on the cutting machine. Saw the same plaid throughout your tour. Of course, the guy in the design studio was wearing the same plaid shirt. Staged? Obviously. Smart marketing? Most assuredly! I’m retired now….getting back into bicycling which took a 40+ year hiatus “back seat” to my dual military and LE careers. Your corporate move from “crazy ass” California to NC intrigues me. And as I spend an inordinate amount of my time away from New England down between eastern Tennessee and eastern NC taking care of aging parents…..I’m making it a future point to stop in Old Fort to visit. Your ethics and initiative recalls the greatness of an American company. While I don’t yet own Kitsbow, I have friends that love their products… I no doubt soon will. Best of luck, sir…..Bravo-Zulu on a well produced and enjoyable video.

  2. Marc Smith on

    Impressive mde in america technology with work place ergonomics. This needs to be recognized and as a consumer from Canada, I salute that.

  3. toomanypuppies on

    Man, e’reybody is bailing out of California….seems like a cost-prohibitive place to own or run a business. Hope NC doesn’t become that way.


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