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Fidlock tease Zero-Spill Leak-Free Hermetic Hydration Bladder

fislock hermetic hydration bladder refill magnetic closure leak-free
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Coming this September is Fidlock’s very first attempt at a hydration bladder. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Fidlock product without the use of magnets somewhere; here, three magnetic bars that run along the full width of the Hermetic Hydration Bladder’s wide opening snap shut, sealing the watery contents inside very rapidly for leak-free riding and spill-free refills. 

Fidlock Hermetic Hydration Bladder

Fidlock’s magnetic closure systems are successfully employed on everything from cageless water bottles, to convertible full face helmets, to tool boxes; now, they’re sealing the deal on an all-new hydration bladder.

fidlock hydration bladder hermetic magnetic seal


The Fidlock Hermetic Hydration Bladder will be available in 1.5 L and 2.5 L capacity options, both with tall, narrow dimensions suited to riding packs, as opposed to hip-packs. While Fidlock’s line of Hermetic dry bags are designed to keep water out, the Hermetic Hydration Bladder is designed to keep water in, relying on the same magnetic seal technology.

Nothing can go wrong, they say.

fidlock hermetic hydration bladder refill

All three magnetic bars close automatically and seal the contents, so even if you drop the hydration bladder mid-refill, it wont spill a drop as the magnets will spontaneously snap back together to seal the contents. Fidlock tell us the high-quality materials are perfectly coordinated and reliably welded to ensure that not a single drop of water drop can get outside the bladder. An extra snap buckle sits external to the main closure to ensure the whole package is entirely leak-proof.

fidlock hermetic hydration bladder magnetic bars at opening

The bladder itself is made of a BPA-free TPU for neutral-tasting water, and comes with the drinking tube. The opening runs almost the full width of the hydration bladder to help make both refill and cleaning easier.

Pricing & Availability

The Fidlock Hermetic Hydration Bladder will be available this September in two sizes; 1.5 L and 2.5 L, both retailing at 59,99 €. 

fidlock hydration bladder 1.5 litre hermetic seal


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1 year ago

Has anyone explained to Fidlock what a hermetic seal actually does?

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