Formula Selva Coil officially launches w/ 4 spring options, CTS tuning, rad purple color

Formula announced a new coil spring version of their Selva enduro fork. Claimed as not better or worse than an air fork; it’s for the people who simply prefer the feel of coil springs. It has all of the standard features you’d expect, such as CTS compression tuning, interchangeable valves, rebound, lock-out, and lock-out threshold – plus four spring options (soft, medium, firm, super firm).

Formula Selva Coil enduro mountain bike fork

Formula already teased us with a prototype, but now it’s official – you can get a coil spring option in their Selva fork line. The basic DNA is similar to the air versions, and actually shares many small parts to make service and and parts availability better. While the air versions have shorter travel options, the coil is all-enduro, with only 160 and 170mm available.

You can choose between four different coils: soft, medium, firm, and super form.

The spring preload can be adjusted via the knob on the right side of the fork. A small gold lever handles lockout.

In case you were wondering just how the new Selva Coil is assembled, check out the video above. It also details how the different models share parts and are forward/backward compatible, allowing you to convert an air fork to a coil, and vice versa.

Customizable damping comes by way of the CTS Compression Tuning System. There are seven valves available, each with different behavior.

Click to enlarge.

Two options are available for wheel size – 27.5″ and 27.5″ Plus/29er. Full specifications are available in the chart above.

The Formula Selva C is available immediately. Pricing comes in at $1,048 for the black version, or $1,170 for Ultraviolet (purple).


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