A good set of handlebar grips can really help your riding, and make sure you are always in control of the bike. Sticky Fingers thinks we should have the same confidence on our brake levers, and have come up with these simple rubber lever grips.

Available in black, grey and neon green, the rubber grips slide over your brake lever to improve your riding by creating confidence in your braking. The patented design can install in a horizontal position (relative to the cross-section of the brake lever) to increase the surface area of the lever, or in a vertical position to provide a rubber cushion for you to squeeze.

They can be had for $10.99 direct from the company, at Click more to see the other colors, and the other ways to install them…

Sticky-Fingers Sticky-Fingers-3


  1. Champs on

    Henry: if there’s a thing I’ve never thought of, I’m pretty sure my girlfriend will. Most things are personal taste, but sometimes she’s got a point.

  2. Slow Joe Crow on

    OK, I’ve felt my sweaty fingers slipping on brake levers often enough that it might be useful, but I think full finger gloves are a better answer.

  3. Tony on

    In the 90’s I believe they were Neoprene covers. These seem to look like a “sticky” material which imo is quite genius and it might work.. They should also help with numbing fingers on cold rides. Don’t know about ya’ll but my levers are FREEZING when the bike comes off the rack.

  4. PBJoe on

    I have an old set of XT v-brake levers with Lizard Skin lever grips if anyone is interested. May even sell the parallelogram v-brakes too.

  5. scentofreason on

    Those of you who don’t see the need for these obviously don’t ride where it’s cold. Really helps keep the fingers warm by not having metal brake levers…

  6. TypeVertigo on

    I wonder if they plan to make a smaller version of this for road bike brifters?

    Where I live, the cold isn’t a problem, and the 105 5700 STI levers on my CX bike are shiny black plastic. Sometimes I do wish for better purchase at the final 3cm/the very end of the STI levers, for better leverage when braking both from the hoods and from the drops.

  7. Devin on

    Is the “Sticky Finger” in the last picture ripping at the left of the picture or is that just me? The outer edge raps the brake lever but the bottom inside seems to end.

  8. jimweekend on

    Devin- Looks like it’s the crease from the inside shape. I have fat fingers so I’m gonna give these a shot. for $10.99 why not? Kudos for being creative

  9. SheathMan on

    Lizard Skins version are a useless slippery neoprene material, prob why they’re so cheap and belong in the history books. I’m sure you can find $3 neoprene handlebar grips but nobody would buy them either.


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