Thinbike BFS Edition 01

Berliner Fahrradschau, also known as the international cycling lifestyle show, has been highlighting the world of commuting by bike for 6 years now. To celebrate the 6th edition of the show starting on March 20, 2015, Berliner Fahrradschau has teamed up with Schindelhauer Bikes to create the Limited Edition BFS ThinBike.

Already a Red Dot Design and iF Design award winner, the ThinBike gets some custom BFS upgrades to create an even more striking bicycle. Perfect for city living, the ThinBike is designed to ride well but also take up less room in your house or apartment. Limited to just 25 pieces, there’s probably a thin chance of getting one for yourself…

ThinBike_BSF_ front 03


The ThinBike gets its name from what else? The ability to get thin for storage. Utilizing a quick release stem that allows you to rotate the handlebars 90 degrees, the bike’s frontal profile gets much thinner for storage. Folding pedals add to the shrinking width.

More importantly though, Schindelhauer wanted to create a bike that rode more like a full size bike but was easy to store like a folding bike. Built with 24″ wheels and long wheel base, the bike supposedly keeps an excellent ride quality while keeping things tidy.

Thinbike BFS Edition - wall mont 03

Among the added BFS custom touches, the Limited Edition ThinBike also includes a wall mount to show off store your prized possession.

Thinbike BFS Edition 19 Thinbike BFS Edition 17

Thinbike BFS Edition 20 Thinbike BFS Edition 16

Thinbike BFS Edition 06 Thinbike BFS Edition 13

thinbike_bfs_09_0 Thinbike BFS Edition 12

In addition to the SRAM Automatix 2 speed rear hub and Gates Carbon Belt Drive, the BFS ThinBike includes a Supernova E3 Pure Dynamo light with Shutter Precision SP-8 dynamo hub and a LightSkin seat post with a built in rear light for easy illumination. Wheel spray is taken care of through custom designed fenders, and the front of the bike is set up to carry your bags with their Voroop front rack.

ThinBike_BSF_ side view

The standard 2 speed ThinBike without the accessories sells for just under $1500, which makes the Limited Edition BFS ThinBike’s retail price of $1850 (1500 Euro) seem like a bargain. Head over to or email to order.


  1. Gunnstein on

    I don’t understand the fear of small wheels. I just rode a 430 km mini-tour on a 20″/406 wheeled folder (Tern). It rides perfectly fine. It’s neither better or worse on the road than bigger wheels, just slightly different. As long as the bike geometry is good, that is. The only downside is the curbs, I guess.

  2. paulpalf on

    Well, finally a “designer” commuter that has some sensible features.
    I ain’t riding one unless they put a rear brake on it though.

  3. Gunnstein on

    @paulpalf It has a rear brake. The sram automatix has a coaster brake. My folder has the automatix too by the way, great hub for reasonably flat terrain.

  4. Slow Joe Crow on

    @DougB that lever is a painted version of a Tektro part
    I’ve seen them as OE on Novara but I haven’t found them as retail items in the US.
    @paulpalf It look like they used the coaster brake version of the SRAM Automatix so there is a rear brake.
    Overall it’s a pretty sensible design although I’d like a proper IGH and lever operated rear brake for $1500 since I can get a 6 speed Brompton with generator lights for not much more and a conventional city bike with gears and a generator for less.

  5. keville on

    Nice eyes @Doug B & @slow joe crew; cool idea on the lever with a built-in bell, I don’t believe I have seen that before.

    I have found that the Spurcycle bell sits nicely (upside-down) on my bar below the optical indicator for the cheap Acera trigger shifters on my commuter. The thin strap for the bell nestles under the gear indicator without issue.

  6. Milessio on

    @keville et al, Kona fit the brake levers with integrated bell to a number of their bikes, including the Coco. It was also on the 2014 Dew Delux. It works well & is loud, but of course is only suitable for cable operated brakes.


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