Bicycle Belts Upcycled Tires

Upcycled products are making the rounds lately, with the Keen Harvest III car airbag line and Looptworks messenger created from leftover industrial fabrics. Bicycle Belts, by fixie connoisseur Tom Hellmann, are a new rendition of leftover materials. They’re made from old bicycle tires so they promise durability on top of overt fashion.

Offered in three widths – 1″ (road tires) 1 1/4″ (cross and commuter), and 1 1/2″ (MTB/BMX) – he’ll also make them custom with whatever tires you send him. Standard Bicycle Belts fit anyone with a 31 to 36 inch waist and Hellman will make any alterations for fits outside that range. The total length is 50 inches when shipped so the tail has room for cutting.

Pricing is $25 for standard belts. Upcycled tire keychains after the break…

Bicycle Belts Upcycled Keychains

Keychains cost $8, $10 with a bike chain looped through them.


  1. royalewithcheese on

    There’s a guy in Minneapolis who makes similar belts but with the buckles made from either old cogs or chain, and attached by old spokes and chainring bolts. Any bets on how many bikerumor readers will be cutting up old tires tonight?


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