Feedback Sports GRVL Grindr rollers? Sea Otter Classic might be late, but it’s not short on new parts from brands big and small. Here’s our first of many roundups, featuring new components and concepts.

Above are the prototype GRVL Grindr rollers from Feedback Sports, using sustainably harvested gravel that you can customize to match whatever racecourse you’re training for. They’ll help build muscle memory for the vibrations while helping you sort out proper tire selection and air pressure. But that’s not all…

fake gravel rollers from feedback sports

They also get you ready for the fun with resistance tuned to keep you riding at a party pace while promoting mustache growth. Want one? Probably best to just start gluing things to your own rollers (don’t actually do this) as it’s not likely it’ll ever really be made. Sorry.

Kogel Kolossos OS Pulley for Shimano MTB

kogel oversized ceramic bearing pulley for shimano 12-speed mountain bike derailleurs

Adding to their Kolossos line of oversized derailleur pulleys, they have a version for Shimano 12-speed mountain bike rear derailleurs. The cage uses their stiff, CNC’d design that replaces the entire lower cage and pulley on the stock derailleur.

kogel oversized ceramic bearing pulley for shimano 12-speed mountain bike derailleurs

This one’s a final prototype that hasn’t been anodized yet, but will feature the same ceramic bearings as the ones for Eagle, GRX and road groups. The lower pulley has 18 teeth, and introduces their first narrow-wide tooth profiles for better chain management. The upper pulley has 14 teeth.

Price is $399, available by January for XT and XTR for sure, and they’re testing for SLX.

kogel oversized ceramic bearing pulley for SRAM Eagle mountain bike derailleurs

They’ve also updated their SRAM Eagle Kolossus model with a more robust lower section to improve strength, stiffness, and durability. It gets the narrow-wide tooth profile update, too, and this one’s sporting their $20 titanium bolt upgrade…

…which just so happen to also work perfectly for Pivot’s cable clamps, in case you needed something else to upgrade. Kogel offers a huge range of titanium bolt kits for bikes, check it all out at

K-Edge Bosch Kiox computer mounts

k-edge computer mount for bosch kiox e-bike computer

If you’ve had one of the plastic mounts break for your Bosch Kiox e-bike computer, or you just want to push it out front of the handlebar, there’s finally a better option.

k-edge computer mount for bosch kiox e-bike computer

CNC’d in Boise, Idaho, just like the rest of their mounts, the K-Edge Kiox mounts come in two versions.

k-edge computer mount for bosch kiox e-bike computer

Available in an out-front mount…

k-edge computer mount for bosch kiox e-bike computer

…and a steerer spacer mount, you can place the Kiox directly over your stem, or push it further out for easier reading while riding.

k-edge computer mount for bosch kiox e-bike computer

The electronics come out of the stock mount and you simply bolt it into place on the K-Edge mount, then install it all like normal. The computer snaps into place magnetically. Retail will range from $50-60 depending on the model, and they should be available in limited quantities now at

Yoshimura Enoh convertible mountain bike stem

Yoshimura Enoh convertible mountain bike stem

The new Enoh stem uses a multi-part design that lets it work on both traditional single crown forks and…

Yoshimura Enoh convertible mountain bike stem, DH direct mount

…direct-mount dual crown downhill forks.

Yoshimura Enoh convertible mountain bike stem

They’re available in three lengths, with the effective reach varying a bit depending on how you’re mounting it. Retail price is TBD, and they’ll be going into production soon.

Yoshimura Chilao mountain bike pedals

If you haven’t seen them yet, they also make these Chilao flat pedals, which use a combination of an IGUS bushing and two outboard sealed cartridge bearings, set well apart from each other for a stable ride. They get 10 pins per side, and you can choose from red, blue, black, purple, or gold pins to dress them up a bit. The front pins are angled backward slightly to ensure your foot won’t slide forward.

The shape is slightly concave, and they have a huge 110mm x 107.25mm platform, which is set close to the cranks with minimal spindle length. This keeps your feet closer in to help you wiggle through the tight spots and improve cornering clearance. Retail is $190, available now at


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