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Friday Shredits: Bike Vs Falcon, Gee Atherton Gets Hunted

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Car vs. Bike, Motorcycle vs. Bike, Skier vs. Bike, is there anything that hasn’t race against a bike in a video? Oh yeah, a falcon. How will one of the fastest downhill riders in the world fare agains the fastest bird in the world? It’s close, but maybe not as close as you think. It’s amazing watching the falcon make adjustments mid air in slow motion.

Want to see it from the falcon’s point of view? See it after the break.

Here’s another take with it (partially) from the bird’s point of view.

Life on Wheels Teaser by Creative Concept

Just in time for the first World Cup in Fort William, Creative Concept and Lapierre Gravity Republic have released a trailer for the new film “Life on Wheels”, a story of the team’s racing and travels across the world…

This teaser is just a taste of the short time we’ve spent so far filming in 2013 and what you can expect to see after a full season of filming. An intimate and honest look at one of the biggest Mountain Bike teams in the world with a setup to rival many of the big motocross teams, we get to know the characters behind this mammoth operation.

Featuring stylish Kiwi rider Sam Blenkinsop and the Frenchies Loic Bruni (2012 Junior World Champion), Emmeline Ragot (2012 World Champion) and up and coming young rider Loris Vergier there are sure to be some good times!

The film is scheduled for online release in Autumn of 2013 and we will be releasing a number of other short teasers throughout the season and an official trailer when filming has finished to whet your appetite…!

Fabien Barel Presents S02E01 – On the island by Mavic

Fabien Barel starts the season in Sicily with Jerome Clementz. They experience a full spectrum of Sicilian cycling, including a boat ride to access the best trails, a donkey ride to the top of a hill, and a traditional fisherman’s meal of local fish. The terrain and sweeping views complete this ensemble of a unique cultural experience like none other!

Downhill Dame Biffs and Rips – Follow My Dream Series Teaser by EpicTVadventure

An introduction to an incredible series coming to EpicTV – watch Tahnée Seagrave as she attempts to become the next Downhill World Champion

Ripping Down a Volcano – Mountain Biking Gran Canaria also by EpicTVadventure

All aboard the Spanish island Gran Canaria with riders Thomas Di Litta and Kilian Bron, the MIA Santa Cruz team. During their trip, the duo indulge in a mountain bike freeride session on volcanic soil. Good luck gentlemen!

#whyMTB Chapter 1: Scot Nicol from Kitsbow

What is the meaning of mountain biking? Why do we ride? In this new Kitsbow video series, we explore what it means to ride from the motivations and perspectives of those whose efforts have lent the sport meaning to our own lives. For some, these are easy questions with tangible answers. For others, less so.

In this first chapter, we sought out the voice of Scot Nicol — someone whose vision, experience, and offbeat sense of humor have molded Ibis Cycles into the inspiration that it is today. Who else would know more about mountain biking’s meaning than one of its very pioneers?

Director: Logan Kelsey

Music Licensing: Deep Elm Records

Special Thanks
Scot Nicol

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10 years ago

Is it just me, or are there some scenes in this where he very obviously doesn’t have the bait attached to his back? Example 1:55 shot of him from behind going around a berm. Obviously has a backpack and bait on. Then 3:16-3:26 shot from behind and side of him dropping off the rocks…clearly no bait (or backpack for that matter). 3:48 side shot…amazingly has backpack on again.

I’m too critical…still some good riding and a cool concept

GrumpyOld Man
GrumpyOld Man
10 years ago

This is a stoopid video … the bird is obviously many, many times faster. Just dumb

10 years ago

@ Grumpy: A Peregrine can hit 200 miles an hour… so yeah it’s faster than Gee. Lol.

10 years ago

I liked that Epic TV adventrue video, but that was no volcano, it was just a mountain. Volcanoes are mountains with lava, explosions, and monsters worshipped as deities by cults that engage in human sacrifice.

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